What Is MarTech and AdTech And What’s еру Difference

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AdTech and MarTech are terms widely used in the business sector. However, not all brands have a clear understanding of the two. Kanda Software can shed light on the difference between MarTech and AdTech. Both rely on technological advances for the sake of business success. But there are more details to cover.

What Is MarTech?

Marketing (MarTech) aims to deepen relationships with clients through optimized digital experiences and collected data that help scale marketing processes. Marketers refer to MarTech to plan and execute more effective marketing campaigns, keep track of marketing initiatives, and apply strategies based on insights. This can be of great help for current and future marketing campaigns. There are approximately 8,000 MarTech solutions to choose from. More and more solutions are seeing the world all the time.

What Is AdTech?

AdTech aims to address new clients’ needs and develop a brand. The technologies are there to help advertisers and ad companies manage all aspects of advertising campaigns. They create the right impressions, enhance click-through rates, optimize the frequency, etc. The desired result is achieved with the help of advertisers who specialize in digital advertising of business products and services.

What Are the Differences between MarTech and AdTech?

The differences between MarTech and AdTech aren’t hard to understand. On the surface of it, they seem quite similar. And, in reality, AdTech is part of MarTech. Do you still have some questions in your mind? Feel free to contact web development services for more information. Or you can take a look at our explanation.


AdTech companies send a bill based on the purchased amount of ads. Meanwhile, MarTech, refers to the SaaS (Software as a Service) method by selling their products and services on a subscription plan.


To strengthen the relationship with the target clients of partners, companies use MarTech. This is how they collect personal details like name, email, and some others. Thus, they can set up effective communication. AdTech serves as a one-to-many strategy that allows companies to become more recognized in the market.


Marketing approaches a specific group of people by spending a lot of time on research. Advertising applies a more chaotic approach where they approach an unknown group of people. In this context, AdTech uses generalized third-party data (website cookies), while MarTech focuses on more personalized data (email, phone number, etc).


MarTech uses social media, SEO, and email for data collection. AdTech is more oriented on paid media, especially when it comes to buying the right spot and the proper inventory. The first one is more personal than another.


A digital strategy requires a holistic approach. It should have perfect data management between advertising and marketing. This is where the process of AdTech and MarTech’s integration seems to be a reasonable solution. The final result informs the brand about the customer’s needs. It also enables adequate personalization, automation, analytics, and reporting. This can be a good start, but there’s more to the story!