3 Advertising Trends to Pay Attention to for 2023

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As 2022 almost comes to a close, everyones eyes are peeled to see what digital advertising trends will be the most popular for 2023. While it’s impossible to know what will be the most popular trends, there are a few trends that are likely to carry on into the new year and prove to be invaluable for advertisers. If you’re looking for the best advertising trends to focus on you should be looking at mobile advertising, through to contextual ads, and of course video advertising. Keep reading to learn more about these three advertising trends I think are going to be the bread and butter of the digital advertising world for 2023. 

Mobile Advertising
More and more people are using their mobiles online, and for many of us it is replacing almost all of our recreational computer use. This means you need to advertise and think with mobile users in mind when you’re planning and executing an advertising campaign. Advertising that doesn’t work with a mobile, is too hard to read or difficult to engage with, won’t perform as well as content that is mobile optimized. To place a number on it, around 75% of all Internet use is now mobile based. It’s also worthwhile mapping the customer’s experience on a mobile device to make sure that it works as you imagine. Be sure to check it out on a variety of mobile browser and phones.

Contextual Advertising
If you’re looking for a highly targeted way to reach a particular audience then contextual advertising can be a great fit for you. You can choose to show your most relevant ads on the websites that line up best with your products and target audience. This can be a great option for advertising beyond just selling, such as boosting social media presence, engagement, and to increase brand visibility. Contextual advertising tends to have a pretty good ROI because it’s so specific, but it can often have higher costs, too. If you’re looking to purchase small storage containers in bulk, why not check out Cannabis Promotions which might have a great solution for you. 
Video Advertising
Video banners have a really high engagement compared to traditional banners and they’re relatively easy to make. The reality is a video banner takes up the same website space as a traditional banner, but provides much better results, so of course you’d want to invest your time and resources into that. Think about how popular the image based social media platforms have become like Pinterest and Instagram, versus the more traditional text based platforms. Images work well to keep customers engaged and work in the same light for digital advertising solutions. I think video advertising is one of the advertising types most likely to grow in the coming years, so definitely worth investing in and learning more about now.

I hope these top three advertising trends for 2023 inspire you to change up your advertising strategy to something that will take your results to the next level.