How to Keep Up With Pressure in the Digital Advertising Industry

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There are a few industries in the world that have a reputation for pushing their workers to the extreme. The digital advertising industry is included in that group for many reasons, but often it is because of the tight deadlines and high pressure environment. If you’re feeling the effects of the industry’s pressure on your mental or physical help, this is a warning that you need to make some changes to avoid suffering from burnout or even depression. There are a few simple changes you can make that will make a world of difference to your ability to handle pressure in this industry. Keep reading to learn more about my top tips for how to better manage pressure in the digital advertising industry.

1. Leave Work at Work
Many of us have our work emails attached to our personal phones, which means we’re connected to our jobs 24/7. That can make it really challenging to take a break from work, even on weekends if something comes through in an email. When you don’t switch off from work, it bleeds into your social life and family time, leaving you feeling worn out and resentful. It’s important to learn more about ways to detach from your work when you’re not there, so that you can be focused and present in your time outside of the office. 

2. Get Active
Moving your body is a great way to reduce stress levels, to boost your energy, and even can naturally fight off depression too. If you don’t have time in the morning or afternoon to be active, then it can be worth taking a class or going on a run during your lunch break. You’ll be surprised by how little active time you need to feel the benefits of working out, it can be as little as twenty minutes a day three times a week. It can also be nice to sneak activity into your life without changing up your routine too much. For example, you can cycle to work instead of commuting by train, or you can walk to the supermarket instead of driving. These small changes might not feel like much but added up over the course of a lifetime they can make quite the difference. If you’re having legal problems in your workplace, I suggest that you learn more about how best to handle them by seeking legal counsel for expert advice.

3. Take a Long Vacation
If you’ve got a bunch of holiday time owed to you and you’re starting to feel the weight of your workplace stress bringing you down, be sure to check out how much vacation time you have left. If you have a ton, why not head away to a relaxing destination like Bali for a few weeks, you can do some juice detoxes, do a bunch of yoga, and relax by the ocean. That way you’ll head back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle work head on again. If you’re not able to take a vacation, why not work on your health at home. You could try doing a detox juice fast for a few days to reset your body. Or maybe it’s worthwhile joining a new gym and getting a good start with a new exercise regime.

Dealing with the pressure while working in a competitive and high pressure environment can be a real challenge, but I hope these three tips give you some useful ideas for how to keep up with a high pressure environment.