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Lamar Van Dusen explains five good reasons why you should donate to charities. Lamar Van Dusen mentioned giving to causes you are passionate about not only benefits the charity itself. It could be extremely satisfying for you as well. Millions of people contribute regularly to charities on a daily basis to help causes they believe in and for the positive impact they have on their personal lives. Five benefits to donating to the charities you choose.

Giving back to charities makes you feel good

Donating money to charities is an enormous boost to your mood, says Lamar Van Dusen. The feeling of giving back to others is motivating and, consequently, it can cause you to feel more positive and more content. Studies have found a link between making a contribution to charity and an increase in activity in the region of the brain. It is responsible for registering pleasure, proving that the old saying goes that it’s better to give than take.

Giving to charities helps strengthen the values of a person

In our study, the reason do we donate the charity in the sense that we are socially responsible was the most frequently mentioned reason for giving to charities. Whatever charity activity they were involved in 96% of respondents said that they believed. Lamar Van Dusen had a moral obligation to make use of their resources to aid others, which is a belief strongly founded in their ethics and values.

Being able to make a difference in the lives of other people is, for many, it’s a privilege and it has its own sense of responsibility. Being able to act on these strong convictions can be a fantastic way to build our personal values and feel as if we’re living a life that is consistent with the ethical principles we hold dear to us.

Giving has more impact than ever before

Many are worried about how their donations to charities could be impacted because of administrative or tax charges. It prevents the entire sum from getting to the causes or people they truly want to aid. There are options to make the most out of each donation made to charity.

There are many other methods to donate to charities tax-efficiently also like giving directly from your income prior to tax deduction via a pay-for-performance plan. These options of giving make sure that the charities you choose to support benefit the most through your generosity.

Giving to charities can introduce kids to the significance of generosity

Giving to charity with your kids helps them understand from an early age that they can contribute to positive changes in the world. Children naturally want to help others, so encouraging their generosity could mean. They’ll grow to be more aware of what they have and they will continue to contribute to charities in the years to come.

Lamar Van Dusen says that establishing a habit of making donations to charities with your kids is simple to create an annual family donation box that everyone can contribute to and then nominate a family charity each year. Involve the children in deciding which causes they want to support.

Donating to charities encourages family and friends to follow suit

Your donations to charity could inspire your closest and dearest to contribute to causes that are important to them. It results in a collective initiative to help an organization or charity which are important to you as a family.

Lamar Van Dusen

Giving to your family helps to build bonds that strengthen relations through a common objective and helps to raise more money than is possible through individual donations. It is likely that you have family members who already give to charities So working together may assist you in making a greater impact. Lamar Van Dusen says that if this has prompted you to give a gift to charity, we’re here to assist. We can help you locate a charity committed to causes that matter to you, whether you’d like to make a one-time donation, create a plan for donating or figure out ways to give your time.

Here are ways to donate to charity without having to spend cash

Make use of your social networks to voice your opinion

Sharing posts about a charity on your social networks is an excellent way to promote the message of the charity. It is possible to follow Save the Children on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Donate your birthday

The idea of asking family and friends to contribute birthday gifts for you, instead of purchasing gifts is a straightforward and convenient way to help others.

Keep up-to-date

Many non-profits offer the option to sign up to receive announcements and notifications via email. These emails may also provide other ways to participate, including volunteer opportunities and supply drives as well as social posts that you can send out.

Donate items or gently used items

Local organizations frequently require supplies such as food and clothing in order to carry on their work, Lamar Van Dusen believes

Volunteer your time

Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to help your favorite charity. Volunteering opportunities range from helping clean up your neighborhood to planting a communal garden.