3 Tips for Moving to San Diego

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If you’re interested in working in the advertising industry, then there are few places in the world that can compete with San Diego. Not only is the lifestyle in sunny San Diego great, but there are a ton of good employment opportunities too. If you’re considering a move to San Diego, then there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you make your move. Property prices both in terms of buying and renting are quite expensive, and may be your biggest challenge. You may want to consider sharing a house with someone or renting a larger house and renting out a room. It’s a good idea to keep a minimum salary in mind before you move. Here are my top 3 tips for moving to San Diego.

Be Smart About Housing

One of your biggest challenges if you’re moving anywhere in California is housing. Housing costs are going through the roof and if you’re wanting to live alone in San Diego, you’re probably looking at around $2,500 per month or up. If you’re young and single, it could be a good choice to find housemates to share a property with to keep costs low. Another option is to rent a house or apartment and then to rent out the spare rooms on Airbnb to help cover your expenses. Once you’ve found a home you like, you’ll want to work with san diego local movers to help with the actual logistics of moving.

Ensure Your Income is Enough
As a general rule, you’ll want to make at least $20 per hour to live comfortably in San Diego. Of course, more is better, but if you’re looking for an absolute minimum this is a number you don’t really want to go below. If you accept a lower rate, chances are you’ll have to work considerably more hours just to make ends meet, which wont leave much time for enjoying San Diego and building up your social life. If you earn less than this and move with savings, you’ll find yourself eating into them quickly. Check out the Northern Mat for some great options to help with your next construction project.

Move in the Winter Time

While winter doesn’t really exist in sunny San Diego, moving during the winter months will help you find more accommodation options. During summer everyone comes to San Diego to enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing beaches, which can make it more crowded and more challenging to find a great place to live. It also will allow you to get a feel for the worst of the weather here which might help you make a decision about whether you’d really like to live here long term. If you’re bringing a car, parking on the street will also be considerably easier during the winter months. Why not grab a drone, like the best Mavic 3 and take some cool drone footage of the areas you’re considering moving to?

Moving to San Diego is a great idea, no matter whether you’re moving for work, studies, or just for the better lifestyle. I hope these three tips help you feel more prepared for the move.