Digital Marketing And Your Law Firm: What You Should Know

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A law firm of any size is going to need an online presence to maximize its revenue. Certain areas of law tend to bring in more money than others like that of personal injury. These cases can be billed hourly or take a percentage of a settlement awarded. Other types of cases like that of a criminal case might have a flat rate depending on whether a client wants to take a case to trial. Most convictions come as a part of a plea agreement that is offered well before a case is taken to trial. Marketing for law firms is about instilling confidence in potential clients while simultaneously educating them. The following are things you should know about digital marketing and your law firm. 

Budgets Differ Immensely

A personal injury attorney’s budget for marketing might be far higher due to the potential earnings from a single client. There are firms that have a multitude of resources and can put an entire team on a project. Others might be smaller or have decided to scale their efforts with a digital marketing agency. The area that you live in could be saturated with a certain type of firm. This will also impact budgets and advertising will be far more expensive. A competitive local niche can lead to PPC costs skyrocketing in comparison to a city only a few hundred miles away. 

Content Has To Be High Quality 

Content has to be the highest quality possible as explaining complex processes in a simple way is the best way to showcase knowledge. For this reason, copywriters should have experience writing content for other law firms whether you are hiring in-house or from a freelancer platform. A car accident lawyer might want to inform potential clients on what they should do immediately following an accident. The truth is most lawyers would rather you call them as soon as you are safe after the accident so they can advise you. 

Divorce law is another major area where people have questions and state laws can differ vastly. Divorce can be simple with a prenuptial agreement that was not violated in any capacity. Divorce is almost always complicated when it comes to child custody as this is such a contentious issue. In-depth guides on various types of divorces or custody agreements can lead a client to contact your firm today. Generic guides are not going to entice them to call as they might not apply to them enough. 

Search Engine Rankings Matter

Search engine rankings are impacted by what a firm does on its website and on other websites. This can include page loading times to backlinks built on relevant publications. Targeting the right keywords is also important as there could be hidden gems that convert well among certain phrases. There are checklists online of what impacts search engine rankings which might take you months to get through initially. 

Digital marketing is going to be an integral part of any law firm. Use the tips above to nail down a strategy that is within budget and is based on data gathered from previous campaigns.