3 Occasions Where You Should Take Your Marketing Offline

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Digital marketing has changed how we do business – it’s made it much faster, more accessible and more affordable to put your business in front of more people than ever before. It’s also easier than it’s ever been to analyze your returns and to see in real time how well your campaigns are working. There are so many avenues you can use to promote your business, from using social media channels and organic marketing, through to paid marketing on tools like Google Ads and Facebook. If you have a company that operates mostly online, it can be confusing to know when there may be value in implementing some offline marketing strategies. Keep reading to learn my top 3 occasions where you should take your marketing offline.

When You’re Hosting an Event
While it is possible to create invites online and to send them out that way, there’s something special about receiving a physical save the date in the mail or in person. If you’re hosting an in person event, such as a meet up, book signing, or even just a promo day, then it may be worthwhile investing in save the date postcards to get people excited about your event. It can also be a great opportunity for potential clients or existing clients to interact with your brand, as they’ll have your physical invite in their home. Make sure it’s beautiful, and they may even leave it on their fridge to remind them of it, creating a real connection to your brand.

When You’re Targeting an Older Audience
Yes, online marketing is very effective and it works for almost every age group, but it is dependent on their technology use. There are certain categories where you’ll be ineffectively investing your advertising funds if you focus on the online world. Define really clearly who your ideal target audience is, and be realistic about what platforms will be the most effective for reaching them. You might find that traditional avenues such as TV, Radio or even newspapers could be more effective, especially if you’re targeting people who are not using social media platforms.

When You Want to Create a Special Impression
We’re so used to seeing advertising on digital streams, that it almost blends into our everyday life. For that reason, if you’re looking to craft a campaign that stands out and feels really unique, you may want to focus on something more tangible. This can easily become a huge expense, so before you get started you will want to define your budget, your goals, and who you’re focusing on. You can even use a combination of traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing for a cohesive campaign that will allow you to create a lasting impression.

It can be a mistake to rely solely on digital marketing techniques. We’re so used to seeing things promoted online that often when a company takes their marketing offline it can be very effective because it’s so unexpected.