Legal Digital Marketing: In-House Or Enlisting The Help Of An Agency

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Law firms are very competitive as gaining clients could mean a huge fee for the firm. Acquiring clients can be quite expensive when going through traditional advertising channels. Large firms are going to have higher budgets but small firms can still compete with an intelligent digital marketing strategy. The truth is that hiring an entire marketing department in-house simply is not in the budget for some firms. Digital marketing agencies that specialize in law firm marketing can be a huge help. The established connections an agency has can be leveraged for a firm in the first few months of working together. Below will highlight some of the reasons sourcing marketing work to an agency can be a great idea.

Look At Previous Results Generated 

Asking for previous results from an agency is always the best course of action. There are agencies that create case studies for campaigns that went well as marketing/sales materials. A failure to show results from a firm that handles the same areas of law can be a red flag. You always want to work with an agency that is transparent about its tactics and other partnerships. 

Results Or Ending The Contract Is An Option

The option to end the contract and not renew if results are not generated is an option. There are far too many agencies that might cite that it takes far longer to rank certain keywords than it actually takes. Enter into an agreement with an agency for a few months before you consider entering the firm into a long-term contract. You might want the phrase chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney with the firm’s location to rank at the top of Google but haven’t made headway in months. Keyword rankings can take months or even years to improve to the top page depending on the competition the keyword has. 

Agencies Can Have Decades Of SEO/SEM Experience

The staff at a digital marketing agency is likely going to have decades of SEO/SEM experience. Search engine rankings can be tough to generate as some tactics lose their effectiveness with a search engine algorithm update. There can be complex problems that could be impacting the SEO of the website. Toxic links on other websites can also be an issue especially if another law firm is building these links utilizing negative SEO tactics. 

The Agency Can Form A Great Foundation If Marketing Moves In-House

Moving marketing in-house can be done after some marketing budget frees up. The foundation that is built for a digital marketing agency can set the new in-house team up for success. This might include the website being optimized for SEO and PPC ads being set up. You can slowly move marketing in-house over the course of a few months for a seamless transition. 

Enlisting the help of an agency can be the right decision for a firm of any size. There is always the chance to move marketing back in-house or have a hybrid marketing model.