How To Market Your Nonprofit For Donations And Volunteers

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Running a nonprofit is going to come with a number of things to worry about. There are some organizations that have no problems finding donors or volunteers. Not all nonprofits are going to be as lucky for a variety of reasons. Overcoming the funding aspect of running a nonprofit will allow the organization to run at optimal levels. You want to be able to attract employees that can help grow a volunteer pool to increase the impact of the work done. Stay proactive when it comes to generating donors from your local community and beyond. The following are tips for marketing your nonprofit for volunteers and donations. 

Attend Local Events

Local events can be a great place to help generate exposure for a nonprofit. Most companies are going to be willing to have a nonprofit attend an event as it can be a great PR opportunity. Gaining favor in the local community is something you could use to do outreach to gain access to local events that vary. Even food festivals can be a perfect opportunity to find volunteers or potential donors. 

Social Media Can Work Wonders

Social media is a free way to gain exposure for a nonprofit. Generating content consistently is going to be one of the primary ways to gain this exposure. The right hashtags should be used so people searching for certain nonprofits will come upon the content. Instagram and Facebook will likely be the most popular social media platforms for a nonprofit. Showing events or those that are helped can create a connection between those viewing the posts. Take the time to plan the social media content for the month to ensure there is a daily post. 

Local High Schools Can Be A Valuable Resource

Local high schools can be the best asset for a nonprofit in terms of volunteers. There are scholarships that require community service hours which can create opportunities for volunteer positions. You want to make sure the volunteers work but giving them grunt work can be detrimental to future numbers of volunteers. Providing part-time jobs for volunteers that have been more than reliable can be a great reward to get paid for something they love to do or would do for free. 

Other volunteers that have worked with nonprofits before might have certain sets of skills. Generating Drillpoint reports or handling other accounting tasks can be invaluable to a nonprofit as hiring an in-house accountant can be costly. 

Donation Events For Potential Donors

Donation events can be a great way to fund a nonprofit for the year or for a quarter. Donor appreciation nights can be sponsored by some entity to help encourage further donations. This could be a dinner and potentially this could be hosted at a business that partners with the nonprofit. The truth is that when drinks are pouring for a good cause, the more likely that donations will be made. Even charity auctions can be a great idea if the items are donated. Look into someone with fundraising experience to help with any event pertaining to donors. 

Running a successful nonprofit can turn the organization into a staple of the local community. The exposure of any nonprofit will be important as to donate or volunteer, people need to know about your cause.