How A Startup’s Website Can Climb Search Engine Rankings Efficiently

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Digital marketing incorporates so many different tactics that differ in their ROI. SEO or search engine optimization is going to be a part of ranking at the top of search engine rankings. The top of the search engines can be a profitable place to be. Organic leads from search engines can completely change the trajectory of a small business. The challenge is that the competition for the most profitable keywords can be immense. Personal injury law firms are a great example as a single conversion can earn a law firm thousands in fees. Digital marketing for law firms can be very competitive like many other industries. The following are tips to help a startup’s website climb search engine rankings efficiently. 

Targeting The Right Keywords

The keywords that are being targeted need to be found by doing thorough keyword research. Finding certain phrases that might not be too competitive yet drive traffic can help a startup compete with much larger companies. Unique approaches can allow companies with smaller budgets to stand up to larger competitors with larger budgets. Keyword research should be handled by a professional as this will help shape entire digital marketing campaigns. Finding words with low competition and high search volumes is possible. Targeting less competitive keywords can be useful when trying to compete with more established companies. Local keywords like “crawl space encapsulation in Raleigh” will help target the Triangle Area versus other areas of North Carolina.

Content Marketing And Building Backlinks 

Content marketing can come in a variety of forms including video, podcasts, blogs/articles, and much more. Building backlinks on relevant sites in content or through sharing content is very important. The right backlinks from reputable websites can drive organic traffic as well as search engine rankings. 

The promotion of content on social media platforms is going to be very important. Sharing content with followers can help educate them while building a brand presence simultaneously. Social media shares can be very important when it comes to expanding the reach of a piece of content. Unique and interesting content will drive more shares as well as backlinks. Generic content is usually skipped over by a consumer as people are flooded with content daily in various forms. 

Outreach for content marketing is going to be important as well. Reaching out to relevant publishers can be very important when promoting content or other parts of a startup website. Getting the word out and building a buzz about a company can be done with targeted outreach. Outreach can even be important when contacting influencers to help promote content that is produced. 

Technical SEO On The Website

The website is going to be one that you want people to click around on. A clunky layout or slow loading time can impact this negatively. A slow page loading time can impact search engine rankings negatively. Google wants searchers to find what they are looking for so the user experience is of substantial importance. Getting a website audit won’t be as essential if the website was designed with SEO in mind. 

Designing the website with goals in mind should also be done. Certain companies want to sell directly from the website while others want to schedule a call with clients. Setting appointments is going to be the goal of a medical practice so making contact information easy to find is imperative. Different sections of the website can have different goals which needs to be kept in mind. 

Small things like missing page or title descriptions matter. There are so many factors that impact the SEO of a website that you should create a checklist. Lists are available online along with free audit tools that can identify SEO issues on your startup’s website. Implementing changes might take the assistance of a web developer which can be an additional cost. 

A technical SEO audit being done quarterly can help eliminate any issues that arise. Google updates occur frequently which can lead to changes that need to be made. 

In-House Or Digital Marketing Agency?

Making the decisions between an in-house marketing team or a digital marketing agency can be tough. An in-house department can be expensive to staff and might not generate results as quickly as an established agency. A digital marketing agency that has web design capabilities can handle everything from building the website to marketing it. You might even have a few in-house marketing professionals to supplement the agency. These professionals can help translate the results that the agency is providing for the startup. 

A startup needs to put a focus on its website ranking in the search engines. The website will be the first impression that a number of people get of the business. You want this impression to help legitimize the business in the eyes of the visitors.