Best Linux VPS Hosting Providers in 2022

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What Is VPS?

VPS is the abbreviation of “virtual private server.” It’s the best option if you can’t afford a dedicated server. Hypervisor software like Virtuozzo and VirtualBox have made VPS hosting possible by dividing a physical server into hundreds of virtual private servers. 

Each VPS runs its own OS and is allotted a specific share of the physical server’s RAM, memory, and storage resources. 

Users can enjoy the same features of a dedicated server, except for modifying the kernel. Each VPS server hosts its own databases, settings, and files.

If you can’t really figure out how VPS works, think of townhouses. There is one overall physical structure that is divided into separate units. 

While the residents inhabit and manage their areas, none can access anyone else’s personal belongings or living space. With townhouses, the residents have to share some things, such as parking slots. 

The same goes for a VPS hosting server. The users’ data is up to them to configure. Still, some resources are shared with others or restricted to accommodate others within the physical server.

The Alluring Advantages of Linux VPS

Linux VPS offers a long list of advantages like multiple tenants, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and being user-friendly. These benefits of the VPS Linux are discussed below in more detail:

  • Low cost and easy changes: As a Linux VPS is an open-source technology, the prices are pretty fair, affecting your online business. 

 You can take advantage of numerous features with minimal hosting costs using the Linux virtual service provider. 

Users can easily modify the server to match their needs. They can even adjust their space and bandwidth to meet their needs at a lower cost.

  • Flexibility: Linux VPS is straightforward to use and install. You can install plugins and tools based on their needs. Activation and configuration are very quick with better virtualization and sorting features. You can also reinstall the operating system with Linux; there are several options to fix it.
  • Multi-tenancy: This is the primary perk of Linux VPS. Thanks to this application, you can assign various resources to clients such as webspace and email accounts once you have obtained VPS hosting.

So if you are looking for an effective and affordable hosting service, Linux VPS is the best option you are looking for. It’s available for free in the market without worrying about licensing issues. 

You can save much money by hosting this technology rather than hosting options in the tech market. 

Linux VPS has proven itself to be totally reliable and safe. But the only thing to consider is that if you want to take full advantage of a Linux VPS server for your online presence, choose the right service provider.

Advantages Of Using Linux VPS 

Linux Virtual Server Hosting gives you an opportunity to create a private server for your specific requirements. You’re allowed to use a full version or a limited version. 

If shared hosting doesn’t suit you, then Linux VPS could be your high-performance, budget-friendly, and user-friendly answer!

If you host a VPS alone, you can choose which operating system you want to use, which is not available for a shared server. 

If you host your dedicated server on your own, you’ll be able to customize based on your personal needs, but the required budget for buying and maintaining a dedicated server might be even more than your whole revenue, especially if you’re a fresh starter small business.

One of the essential benefits of Linux VPS is that you will not face the disadvantages associated with shared hostings, such as time-consuming maintenance and challenging management. 

Shared hosting may take weeks to repair once it has a technical problem. Furthermore, when one website experiences a surge in traffic, the other ones on the shared server experience delays and disconnections.

If you’re a photographer, web marketer, or blogger, you can take advantage of Linux VPS hosting to control your online presence better. Moreover, you can take advantage of some of the most powerful features available in a VPS. 

You can set it up to let you control the bandwidth. It also enables you to choose a dedicated IP address if you want. 

Linux VPS hosting allows the users to host multiple domains, allowing you to use WordPress, Blogger, and other blogging services. As a user, you can also create domains with an unlimited number of subdomains, giving you complete control over your website. 

Most people choose cheap Linux hosting because it offers a much higher level of security than any other hosting option. Many of the different options available, such as dedicated servers, do not offer the security available with VPS Linux.

What’s the Best Linux VPS Provider In 2022? 

Cloudzy stands out among all the Linux VPS hosting providers with exceptional solutions to provide the best user experience with cheap Linux VPS hosting plans/

They have 15+ main servers all over the world to provide the fastest response to their users no matter where they live. Cloudzy offers dedicated 1 Gbps connections with the lowest possible latency and 99.95% uptime on all of its Linux VPS plans. 

Thanks to the high-performance infrastructure backed up with ultra-fast SSD storage architecture and game-changing NVMe protocol. 

If you start collaborating with Cloudzy, your online presence will be supercharged with superfast KVM-powered cheap Linux server hosting and 24/7 full support at unbeatable prices.

Cloudzy VPS Hosting solutions are the rebranded hosting provider’s only service available now, and they look just like the same VPS plans that RouterHosting was offering for years. Click here for more information:


Some Linux VPS hosting providers concentrate on first-time users; others aim at big brands. Still, Hostwinds does its best to please all users from any segmentation. That translates to offering both managed and unmanaged plans to fit all demands by users.

Along with the round-the-clock support for the standard Linux variants – CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian – users can select Windows Server 2008, 2012, or 2016 by just paying  $5 each month. That’s great value, and if you’re more comfortable working with Windows than Linux, and saves you from many management troubles.

The Managed Linux VPS plans from Hostwinds start from $8.24 for one core and 1 GB RAM. That might be low, but it’s pretty suitable for fresh starter websites.

For unmanaged Linux VPS hosting, plans begin from just $4.99 for the same one core and 1GB RAM specification. However, many more Linux VPS hosting plans are prepared for unmanaged Linux, with the high-grade offering 16 cores and 96 GB of RAM.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a VPS hosting provider offering high-quality managed solutions for more than two decades and now serves 500,000 sites for more than 32,000 customers all around the world.

This company doesn’t try to beat the competition on price, instead of focusing on delivering complete products which will provide quality results.

For example, the cheapest Linux VPS plan by Liquid Web costs $59 per month (users can reduce the price to $15 if they pay for 2-years at once). Still, the users get a generous 10TB of bandwidth, 2GB RAM, 40GB storage, and 100GB for backup.

By choosing Liquid Web, you’ll have various configuration options in the palm of your hand. This company also allows its customers to choose between Ubuntu, CentOS 6, Debian 8, 14.04 or 16.04, cPanel, Plesk, CloudLinux, and even more.

That’s a managed product, too. Liquid Web fully supports the base operating system. The support team will proactively restore failed services as soon as they’re detected. Getting a managed VPS with other providers could cost you an extra $30 a month or more.

If your Linux VPS Hosting still has issues, there’s speedy 24x7x365 support from experts to solve your problems ASAP.

You might not find the pricing at Liquid Web quite alluring; the top-notch support system helps keep your website running without any trouble.


Linux VPS is the wisest idea to host your website and make sure your online presence is smooth, fast, and reliable. Before you buy Linux VPS, make sure the provider company has flexibility in allocation resources, low latency, uptime guarantee, and high-performance hardware infrastructures such as SSD storage and KVM protocol.