5 Mistakes You Could Be Doing That Are Hurting Your Website Traffic

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In an attempt to further connect with customers, more businesses are now investing in websites. But having a website isn’t enough, what matters most is the visitors that comes to your site. These visitors in your website are also called web traffic, and they’re measured in visits or sessions. As such, having high web traffic is highly essential for your business’ success in the digital world. 

You’ll find that having high web traffic on your site has many benefits in your business like having more followers and more customer sales. It won’t be the deciding factor but it helps to have opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers, having high web traffic can also result in more conversions. A conversion is a ratio of possible customers who took an action and turned into paying customers. 

Unfortunately, a considerable number of websites don’t realize that their strategies and decisions are decreasing their web traffic. Here are some of the mistakes that causes the downfall of a website’s traffic: 

Mistake 1: Poor SEO Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site’s ranking in search engines like Google. Since one of your sources of web traffic comes from search results, it’s important that you rank high on search engines. Some businesses fail to optimize their websites for SEO resulting in poor visibility in search engines. Poor practices include low-quality guest posts, too much or too little keyword integration, and lack of SEO tools usage. 

If you realize that you’re making the same mistakes, don’t worry because you can still fix it. One of the ways you can improve your site’s SEO is by publishing relevant and reliable content. This can result in other sites referencing your article which improves your search engine ranking. Another is by using tools and services to improve your site’s SEO like SEO services in Cambridge and Google Analytics. By improving your site’s visibility and search engine ranking, your web traffic will increase. 

Mistake 2: Ignoring Web Analytics 

When seeking to improve your website for better traffic and conversions, your strategies must be based on data. Nowadays there are numerous tools for tracking your website’s performance, these tools can indicate metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and engagement.  

However, in studying your web analytics it’s worth noting that not all website traffic is the same. Here are the types of web traffic that you will see when you check your data: 

  1. Social – refers to the traffic you gain from social media platforms. 
  1. Organic – refers to the traffic you get from search results in search engines. 
  1. Referral – refers to the traffic you gain from other websites that referred to your content and provided a link to your site. 
  1. Promotions – refers to the traffic you gained from paid advertisements. 

By paying attention to your web analytics, you can make better data-based strategies for improving your traffic. 

Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his tablet. Google Analytics is the most famous application for advanced web traffic analysis in the world.

Mistake 3: Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality Content 

When creating good web content, you can look for certain factors like relevance and reliability. Quality content is pivotal in maintaining our ranking on search engines, and in retaining the website’s visitors. Keep in mind that the algorithm prefers quality content over quantity.  

You can fix this by improving your future content’s quality, by creating trustworthy and reliable content. This can be refined by backing your claims using reliable sources and linking them. As a result, search engines will consider your content trustworthy. Not to mention, other sites might use your content as reference and link which results to increase in your referral-type traffic.  

Mistake 4: Failing to Adjust to Algorithm Changes 

To rank high on search engines, you must adhere to their algorithm rules especially when it changes.  

As mentioned previously, search engines’ algorithms consider certain factors in determining a site’s ranking. However, search engines like Google often update their algorithms to improve results. Failing to adjust to algorithm changes may really affect your ranking negatively.  

To avoid being one of the casualties during every algorithm update, you can look for sudden changes in your web analytics. Another is by analyzing the sites that got negatively impacted by the update, and look for common factors that might have been the cause of their lowered ranking. 

Mistake 5: Failing to Promote Your Website 

While organic traffic is important, you can also increase your traffic by promoting your website on social media platforms. This gives you a chance to find and connect with your target audience aside from just creating quality content.  

You can also use paid advertisements on social media sites and more. Facebook is a social media platform known for effective paid ads, they give tools to help you analyze and improve your ads quality. 


Using a website is an excellent way to automate your business operations and market your brand online. However, it’s vital that you have visitors in your website, because it would be useless and a waste of money to maintain it. Make this article your guide to avoid these common mistakes, and fully understand how to maximize using your website to increase sales for your business.