The Dangers Of Fake Reviews

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There’s no doubt that the majority of the websites have fake reviews because of the benefits they can bring. Some of them are on the business sites and the others are on review pages. So, if you wonder if it’s worth paying someone to make a positive comment about your company, ask people that provide these services.

Many agencies that provide positive comments all around the internet about your firm operate discretely but some are very open about the topic. They know that there are a lot of similar agencies and there’s no need to worry because almost none of them had any consequences. Amazon is under pressure because there are a lot of agencies providing services to the suppliers on the website.

What Is A Fake Feedback?

No matter if we call it feedback, comment, or anything else, when someone didn’t even try the product or was told to do it on purpose, it’s called fake. There can be 3 sources including ones coming directly from the providers of the product or service, third-party providers, and unreasonable customers.

You’ve probably noticed on a couple of websites that the services on their main page have high ratings. This has become a standard where companies value their own work and it’s nothing unusual and it’s a partial reason why we look for third parties to see their true rating.

These third-parties where you can get fake comments won’t be found directly by searching on Google instead, it takes deeper research. They are usually very cheap, which is the reason why so many companies tend to use their packages. Unreasonable customers are the people we can’t do anything about. These are the clients that just love to hate a certain brand so they leave a negative comment for no better reason.

Why Real Reviews Matter?

One of the biggest reasons why they matter is that they can really change how people think about a certain product and boost growth drastically. More than 90% of the people that look at these websites buy the item that is top rated. So, you can consider it as a proving point to your customers and clients that you have something great. For more information visit this website.

Another reason is that people won’t get scammed into thinking they bought the best thing on the list. There are numerous occasions where they made a mistake and purchased something they really need which ends up in the junk. This is most common for items that are not very expensive because it’s easy to connect the dots and report them. So, bigger companies won’t take that risk unless they are not connected to it.

How It Can Impact Your Business?

There are two ways to look at it, from a positive and negative perspective. It has become a trend to buy negative reviews for your competition which is never recommended. These are some drastic measures small businesses tend to make but it usually doesn’t lead anywhere. Positive fake comments are usually the most profitable unless they get caught.

It may seem like it will bring great value when you have an above 4.5 rating and thousands of positive reviews but people are starting to realize what is happening. The majority of people between the ages of 18-35 are able to recognize fake feedback. This number is a little bit smaller for people older than 50.

On the other side, you are risking getting caught which can bring a lot of consequences so the risks are big. Some of the things you would need to worry about is damaged reputation, lack of growth, fines, and more. Remember to always check if the reviews are real and if the website you check them has a great reputation. There is a bunch of them that will sell their number 1 place on the top 10 list for a certain type of product or service.

How to Know If Third-Party Website Is Legit?

It’s a bit difficult to figure out if a review website is selling its spots or providing some kind of service that is not legitimate. But, with a bit of research, you should be able to see how they work with providers that you know are suspicious. The first tip is to check the comments and see if something stands out.

If you can’t see the feedback for a certain product but only the rating and number of people, you should do a checkup on other websites. When you find a page where you can see the comments and they are fake you can assume that something similar is done on other pages.

This doesn’t always have to be the case, but it’s most likely that they paid a few websites with a lot of visitors per month to boost their product. Another tip is to check the reputation of the review page because they are the ones providing you the insights. If they have a great reputation you shouldn’t have any problem when choosing services or products. Some of them will display that they are in some kind of partnership with a certain provider which is legitimate only if it’s clearly stated.

Customers Reaction

The biggest thing companies have to worry about, that use this type of service, are the customers. They are the ones that can make a huge impact and bring down anyone who is using fake reviews to get some kind of advantage. When people start noticing that something isn’t as good as they are told, they are most likely to provide much worse feedback than usual.

This is a very common thing not only in product reviews but also in real life where you would have a stronger reaction when you figure out that someone is using you to gain something. When it comes to this situation, there’s no doubt that the provider and their sales will go down.

The problem for these companies is when their service, application, or product becomes popular and it becomes much easier to notice it’s not worth it. So, there are not so many advantages you will have with fake reviews.