SEO Tips For Your Business Website

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Search engine optimization is a term you’ve probably heard a lot.  That’s because it’s a very important tool for creating digital content that makes an impact online.  SEO tactics can help you craft content that is more visible and engaging for online users.  

When you fully understand the whole of what is covered under the umbrella of search engine optimization, you won’t have any trouble reaching your targeted audience online.  Start your journey to enlightenment now by reading through a few SEO tips for your business website design.  

Do your keyword research 

Optimizing your SEO game within the design of your website has a lot to do with using the most relevant keywords to your purpose.  You’ll need to find keywords that users are more likely to use to try to find the products or services your business provides.  

There are several tools you can use to decide which keywords might be best for the content you’re producing.  Learn to incorporate Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Google Trends to find the best keywords to use within the text of your site’s design.  

Know the user’s intent 

Understanding your target user’s intent is an important factor when you’re working to improve the SEO of your site.  You have to know what users will want to be doing when they land on your pages to craft a useful design.  

For instance, take a look at this landing page for pipeline services and nitrogen generation.  The page provides a very specific tool that only users interested in this field would understand or need, subsequently drawing the right type of user to the page.  

Build for mobile users

Mobile users on the web just keep building in numbers.  Mobile access to the web is already the most popular form of access, making mobile optimization of your pages a primary design goal.  

Mobile users need speedy loading times and images that don’t cause lag.  Make sure you use plenty of eye catching features within your design, but don’t sacrifice speed along the way.  

Write content naturally

You need informative text within your site to give users something to read.  If you add a blog to your site, the posts should be written with SEO in mind.  However, don’t over-plug your keywords and create writing that doesn’t read naturally.  

Google’s sassy little search bots are smart enough to catch on to your tactics, and your page placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) will suffer the consequences.  

Use Google Analytics 

Analytics should always be a part of your SEO strategy.  Google Analytics is a free service offered by the platform, and you’ll be wise to learn how to use it.