Doing it the Right Way: How to Shop Smart When Buying a New Mattress

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You’ve probably heard it all before, but learning to be a smart shopper pays. To maximize your hard-earned money, it’s crucial to be more meticulous about every product you buy. Companies and stores want to trick their customers into spending more than what they need, and if you don’t pause and think about it, you’ll likely fall for it too. 

Of course, don’t just be vigilant in purchasing groceries and clothing. You may not think much of it, but searching for a new mattress requires you to be a savvy shopper too! Your bed is an important investment that will last you for years to come, which is why you have to ensure that your purchase will be worth it. For instance, if your old bed makes you wake up to aches and pains, your goal is to find a new one that offers comfort and support. Hybrid mattresses, a mix of both foam and coil, are best for those who experience back pain. If you need tips on how to shop smart, you’re in luck! Below, we round up easy strategies you can use when buying a new mattress.

Know Your Prices and Compare Them

If you want to save money, you should make a price comparison for every store, both physical and online. You can’t say you’ve truly gotten a great deal without checking other places for their offers. So, don’t be impulsive, and take your time. 

Generally speaking, though, mattresses sold online are cheaper, up to 15%, than their counterparts in-store. It also helps when you wait for holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, so you get more discounts and deals

Alternatively, if you decide to purchase your bed in-store, you may negotiate to get a better price that makes you happy. Brick-and-mortar stores also provide you with real-time customer service, something that’s crucial for other buyers. 

Do Your Research

When searching for a new bed, there’s a big chance of getting overwhelmed, especially with all the mattresses available on the market right now. Thus, you have to do your research, so you know what to expect when shopping. For example, the types, firmness, and pricing are among the most crucial aspects you should learn about beds. 

If a mattress model interests you, you should also read reviews about its performance. That way, you’ll accurately gauge how reliable a product is from real customers who actually tried it themselves. And while the best is subjective, you can also read blogs about the best mattresses as a guide. By doing so, you’ll get an idea of which brands to look out for when shopping. 

Think About What You Want From Your Bed

If you think about it, how can you say your purchase is worth it if it doesn’t suit your needs? Therefore, you have to identify what you expect your bed to do, so you’ll know what you’re looking for. 

Indeed, we all have specific wants from our mattresses. For instance, if your old bed makes you wake up to aches and pains, your goal is to find a new one that offers comfort and support. Hybrid mattresses, a mix of both foam and coil, are best for those who experience back pain. 

On the other hand, if you’re on the heavier side and are looking for a firm bed, you should be looking for innerspring mattresses. For those looking for durable beds, then the latex kind is the one for you.  Regardless of your needs, there will surely be a mattress fit for you. 

Don’t Fall For Marketing Gimmicks

It’s no secret that companies make false claims to trick consumers. Usually, they’ll use fancy terms to sound more competitive. And while it may be tempting to purchase from a brand with “orthopedically approved” mattresses, do know that these claims are unlikely supported by scientific research.

Instead, you should focus more on what’s within your budget and preferences, so you avoid spending on something that you might regret in the future. Another way the industry rips you off is how they make it harder for customers to make price comparisons of their beds by changing the brand names for each store. Fortunately, a quick search on the internet helps you find which models are equivalent. 

Test the Mattress

When shopping in-store, don’t forget to test the mattress. While it may not be as comparable to the actual sleeping experience, spending at least fifteen minutes on the bed can give you a clearer idea of how comfortable your nights will be with your purchase. Taking home the wrong mattress is a waste of time and money, so it’s always best to test it out.

To be sure, you should also ask about return policies. Different brands or shops have varying policies, so you should know whether there are hidden fees, waiting periods, or if they allow money-back returns. 


Making informed decisions is the best way you can ensure that you are getting what you pay for. With the help of the five tips listed above, you’ll surely be able to shop smarter the next time you go mattress shopping.