How Often Should You Service Your Packaging Equipment?

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When Packaging Services in a manufacturing environment plan their annual schedule, it is vital to include servicing of packaging equipment primarily to ensure safe packaging and product quality. There are plenty of reasons to perform routine servicing on packaging equipment. 

Below are the top five reasons why packaging equipment should be maintained by trained professionals or those with a proper training:

  1. It improves workplace safety 

Working on packaging equipment should be kept safe at all times by addressing potential hazards associated with it, which includes lubricating assemblies before working on them along with having proper safety gear available and implementing the latest EHS management software.

Routine servicing also protects the corporate image and ensures compliance with industry regulations. For instance, if an employee’s life may be put at risk when performing packaging operations due to poorly-maintained packaging machines, this could create problems both with former employees as well as the public. It may raise health and safety concerns that could lead to costly lawsuits.

  1. Keeps up company standards

Employees, customers, and the general public must also be protected from packaging equipment malfunctions that might compromise packaging integrity or contaminate food products. Improper packaging can result in unusable and dangerous products. Mis-handled product packaging may even cost a company its reputation. It is always best to prevent such reputational damage through timely maintenance and inspection of packaging equipment. When employees are aware of packaging problems, they can report these issues in real-time so that corrective actions can be taken as soon as possible.

  1. Ensures product quality 

Inspect packaging equipment regularly and make sure that it is working properly. Malfunctioning packaging equipment can cause several problems, from increased operating costs to having usable products contaminated due to packaging errors. In most cases, packaging jams are caused by inadequate maintenance or packaging machine wear and tear. This means that when packaging equipment malfunctions due to a just-out-of-service packaging machine or insufficient lubrication, the packaging company might be held liable for product contamination. When these instances occur, there will be loss of revenue as well as damage done to product quality and image – which may eventually lead to dismissal of employees at fault or diminished reputation in the industry. For this reason, all packaging companies must invest in the right packaging equipment maintenance to prevent packaging machine malfunctions.

  1. It prevents loss of income 

Packaging equipment also needs to be properly maintained for it to function as smoothly as possible, without any packaging errors. Packaging equipment requires routine servicing and repair. This is how packaging companies can ensure that they are up-to-date with current packaging technology and trends, and save money at the same time through efficiency enhancements and cost reduction strategies.

  1. Prevents costly damage and downtime 

Performing packaging equipment maintenance regularly can also help packaging companies prevent downtime. When packaging equipment is not in service due to a packaging machine malfunction or improper packaging procedure, packaging operations are disrupted, leading to loss of production and revenue. By preventing packaging machine malfunctions through proper packaging equipment maintenance, which includes routine inspections and oiling of packaging machinery parts, company productivity and profit margin can increase significantly. For instance, having a well-maintained packaging line that runs at a steady pace without any problems or breakages, means there will be less wastage as well as increased product quality – which are major factors that contribute to increasing profitability as well as revenue.