Canada PR: Promising Trends for Indians

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The one country that has emerged as the most preferred land for Indian diaspora to migrate is Canada. The country’s strong economy, their social standards, rich resources and security are some of the major driving forces behind this inclination. Indians belonging to different industries, having varied expertise and capacities are seeing doors being opened for them in Canada. In recent times, we have seen several changes in the immigration rules and policies announced by the Canadian government that shows their inclination towards welcoming more and more immigrants to become a part of this flourishing country. Let’s take a look at some of the major trends and developments that are highly favorable to Indian professionals who desire to get a Canada PR Visa. click here now

Students are most welcome:

Young Indians love going to foreign universities to pursue their higher studies and US has been the most preferred destination. 2017 saw a drastic swing as Indians acquiring Canadian Student Visas increased by a whopping 60% within a year. A noted immigration lawyer says that this swing is because education in Canada is more economical and once you acquire a higher degree from a Canadian institute, your chances of getting a Canada PR Visa noticeably increase. Surely more and more young Indians will aim to pursue studies in Canada in the future.

The One Million Dream:

Canadian Government back in 2017 made the milestone announcement that by 2020 they desire to invite one million immigrants from around the world to call Canada their home. This surely got thousands and thousands of people in India and in other countries excited! It is an enormous opportunity and the government itself is upgrading policies to make the immigration process easier. Express Entry, their flagship immigration program will be one of the most important means of accepting these applications. If we go by the official statistics of the Express Entry Program, more than 40% of the applicants who received ITA by the end of 2017 were holding Indian Citizenship. This is a mighty increase compared to previous years. This trend holds a great promise for Indians having the right eligibility and professional skills to migrate to Canada.

Lower CRS score threshold:

IRCC follows the CRS scoring system to allot points to every applicant entering the Express Entry program. The CRS calculator gives a consolidated score which determines whether you qualify to receive the invite or not. In contrast to the previous high scores, the Express Entry draws this year have seen a considerably low CRS score threshold which means that Indians who could not realize their Canada dreams because of low scores can now become hopeful. With personal efforts and guidelines from certified immigration counselors, they can easily cross this threshold and gain more points on the CRS calculator. It is also welcoming to see the increase in the number of Express Entry Draws being held every year. The more the chances the better the possibility of migrating to Canada for Indians. check it out

Rising Skill gap:

The one thing that we learn from recent Canada immigration policies is that the skill gap in that country is on the rise. Industry experts from various fields are predicting that Canada may conduct such monumental immigration programs in the future as well. It is the government’s strategic move to bring in skilled professionals into the country to secure the economy of the future. This is a golden opportunity for Indians not only now but during the next decade as well. If the younger generation of India can plan their education and acquire quality work skills, they can find a bright future in Canada in the next few years. 

Family friendly immigration policies:

Canada is definitely a family friendly country. More relaxed immigration rules in the recent months have made it possible for the applicants of Canada PR Visa to settle down in Canada along with their dependents. Spouse, children, parents and elderly family member can also immigrate along with the primary applicant. There is also a provision for the couples to swap their position as a primary applicant if the spouse has a greater CRS score or if his/her work skill is in demand. Dependents Up to the age of 21 can now migrate with their parents. Such policies boost the aspirations of Indians desiring to settle down in Canada.

We are already seeing how Indians are participating in shaping the economy of Canada in little ways. Going forward, thanks to all these positive trends, we can be sure that the contribution of Indians in Canada’s future will be significant. further reading