Dip Station – An Ultimate Weight Loss Machine

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In this modern world, the lifestyle is such that we are overly dependent on gadgets as they have become our basic necessity. This lifestyle has increased the risk of many diseases like Obesity, BP, Diabetes, and heart disease due to lack of physical activities. Routine exercise can improve our lifestyle, health and also reduce the risk of developing many diseases and increases the lifespan. Keeping an exercise regime regular will also help lose weight, stay fit and reduce mental stress. Visit site

The core benefits of DIP Station:

Dip station gives compound push-pull exercise with small motions. It also engages forearms, shoulders, chest and lower back. You will not require any spotter or trainer in the Dip station. You can train yourself on your own. Dip station will help to tone up the entire body.

Let’s get introduced to some simple Dip Machines:

Assisted Dip Machine:

An assisted dip is the type which is good for beginners. This is mainly designed for biceps and back workout. It is built with the pull-up concept. Dip machine is made with the easy technique for this type of workout. This can be placed in any corner of your house.

  • Set the pin on your desired weight.
  • Stand or kneel on the padded knee rest.
  • Hold tightly the angled handles which are overhead. This should be the position before adding weight.
  • Pull yourself as much as possible, keep the abs engaged, press down and back.
  • Slowly release the handlebar until your arms are straight.
  • Repeat this as many times as you can do.

Before getting off the machine, make sure to pull yourself to the top level. Keep the hold on the handle bar, slowly place one leg on the ground followed by the other leg. find here

Isometric Dip:

Isometric Dip is the next type. This will accelerate your muscle growth with a parallel bar dip station. It is the best workout to gain the combination of strength and muscle. Do not do this with the main workout, it should be done separately.

  • At least 5 sets with intense 10-sec squeeze are required.
  • Suspend your body on the parallel bars with extended arms.
  • Pull your body down until you are parallel to the floor.
  • Now push yourself up and repeat it as many times as possible.

Weighted Dips:

Weighted dips exercise is a combination of Dips with weights to give incredible muscle growth. If you want to strengthen your muscles then this is perfect for you. The more weight you use the more you will gain.

  • Will be safe if you use a dip belt and plates hanging on a chain to your waist.
  • Hold the handlebars tightly and in a comfortable manner.
  • Pull your body up as much as you can.
  • Release your body slowly.

Chest Dips:

Chest Dips have angled grips which will help in enhancing the chest and triceps muscles. This exercise calls for more power and involves your body with the fixed position of your hand and feet. This will be a challenging form with unlimited weight usages. This will help in building upper body mass and improve your lockout strength.

  • Dip down holding your upper body at about a 30 degrees angle.
  • Rest your arms to the sides, this position will help in building your chest muscles.
  • It’s important to stay in control throughout the exercise, so better limit any jerky movements.

Dip station work benefits are tremendous and the exercises on a machine can be carried out anywhere even from the comfort of your house. You can choose to buy the machine if you don’t have time to go and work out in a gym; many online websites have Dip Machines for Sale as well. This machine works great as the exercises engage muscles, helps in strength building, and is great for push-ups. Can be easily modified as per your necessity, this is an ideal station to develop the desired V-Shape. Moment of the handle’s rotation will target the triceps right position, according to your body type. The Dip Station helps in the work out of the chest, triceps and front shoulders. This is designed with an idea of push/pull exercises which work in a way to train muscles. look at more info