How Blogging Changed the Digital Marketing Scene Completely

A blog is nothing but an online journal enriched with information about a brand. This was started by writers to script their day-to-day activities. Since then, it has become a vital tool for business owners to add value to their websites. 

Blogging — Positive Impact on Digital Marketing

The main aim of digital marketing is to garner more leads. Blogging has tripled the time it has been consumed by the American people. This is according to SlideShare.


Advertising through expensive Tv commercials and posters is a thing of the past. Blogging is the present and future. People, more often than not prefer reading about a product and getting attached. No one likes an obtrusive ad, blocking our view while on a website. Thus blogging has a big say in the landscape of digital marketing.

What Makes a Blog Effective?

People are quick to dismiss blogging as a serious digital marketing tool. But they have some real value to them, so lamenting about lack of time is just being lazy. Blogs can work wonders. Especially if you are struggling to rise above the competition.

Content is Everything

This is like an unwritten rule for any type of marketing. And the rule is the same for blogging. Bloggers should pay attention to the words they choose and the delivery must be on point. People who stumble upon your website may use the blog section to know about the brand. The content should be in such a way that it turns that random-stumbler into a potential customer.

Choosing the Niche

If you are the owner of a website that sells cars, then the blogs should be a reflection of automobiles. Just for the sake of publishing don’t write about blockbuster movies on your site. Know your audience. In your case, they are automobile enthusiasts. So blogs like “The dawn of next-generation vehicles” will be relevant. This is guaranteed to be met with excitement.

Bring Something New to the Table

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How many people do you know enjoy reading the same content over and over? None right? Bearing this in mind, compose a blog that adds value to your website. Choosing a unique eye catchy topic name will attract and make sure they stay for the future.

Advantages Blogging Boasts on Digital Marketing

Increased Network Traffic

SEO is essential for digital marketing. An increase in network traffic is beneficial for any company. So keeping our blog page updated with regular yet relevant content is a way to ensure that. People who find our website while searching for a solution to their problem will stay loyal. Thus a good blog has SEO advantages.

Speaks About our Business

Keeping our customers informed. This is a trump rule for more customer engagement that will later translate to more sales. A good blogging page will do just that. Posting about the new products and other topics of interest is a nice touch. This will capture the interest of our audience. 

Getting in One with New and Existing Customers

A blog speaks volumes about a particular website. So a well-constructed and informative blog can go a long way. They also ensure that customers are satisfied with our services. They provide a sense of personal connection. According to Search Engine People, 57% of marketers believe they got new customers. All because of blogging.

Creating a Buzz

Brands like Lamborghini spend less time advertising. But they still ensure they have a huge base following them. Blogging is how they achieve this. Instead of blatantly promoting their cars, they rely on telling a story through blogs. This builds hype around that vehicle which attracts attention.


Long-lasting Positive Effects

The thing about blogging is that it will add value to our website even after some years. New customers chancing upon our websites can get up to speed by going through our blogs. So we cannot dismiss blogging as something that is a giant waste of time. 

Keeping Customers and Prospects Engaged

Drumming up your products through commercials is one thing. But blogging about that same product creates a personal touch. They encourage people to give their inputs and have a discourse in the comment section. This will also provide valuable feedback. 

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid While Blogging

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Being Self-centered

While blogging the only thing we should have in our mind is the audience it is focused on. Most people put themselves in the center and write accordingly. This will not fly well and will fail to provide the desired output which is more traffic. 

Irregular with the Blog Publishing

Everyone is aware of how blogging influences the traffic we get. This is why having a schedule and sticking to is recommended. Otherwise, we are risking the chances of maintaining a customer base. Also not getting new prospects.

If the lack of time and resources prohibit you from creating new blog posts, you may want to consider accepting contributions from guest bloggers. They may be able to fill in the gaps you’re experiencing in publishing new blog posts. Also, you should be able to guest post on other sites as well for the benefit of your site. If you can’t do this, you could seek help from a blogger outreach company. Doing this will help drive more traffic to your site and will improve your rankings.

Not Benefitting Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes a blogger falls victim to is coming up with generic content. Identify your audience, make a list of things that will suit them, and act on it. Luring in with fancy keywords and not providing worthy blogs will frustrate them.

Not Giving Credit to Other’s Work

It is always good to support our blogs with arguments and studies from other sites. But it is mandatory to cite them. If not, this borders on plagiarism. Many budding bloggers don’t realize the seriousness of this and learn the lesson the hard way.

Not being persuasive enough

The intention of every blog post aimed at digital marketing is to attract new prospects. They also change existing prospects into customers. For this the magic wand called “persuasive writing” is vital. Few people implement this in their blogs and account for poor ROI. 

Ending Thoughts

The public can say whatever they want about blogs. They are always a key component of any successful digital marketing strategy. They increase traffic, attract more customers and nurture them. This in turn takes a brand to the next level. There are certain dos and dont’s bloggers should keep in mind. In the end, blogs can guarantee better ROI.