What’s Missing On Your Website In 2021?

Your website has been an integral part of running your business. It is the platform through which you showcase your products and services?  It has also brought you in a number of leads that you have been able to convert.   

However, you are starting to notice a decline in its performance. The level of engagement is not as high as when you set it up.  You know something needs to change, but you are not quite sure what. 

It may be time to take an honest look at your website. When was the last time you updated it? Do you run relevant tests to ensure a pleasant user experience?  Could there be critical elements that you do not have on your site? 

Our article will focus on the last question. It is time to take an audit to see what’s missing on your website in 2021.   

Your Audiences Have Outgrown You Because of an Outdated Design

You started your business ten years ago. At that time, the web designer gave you design elements that were trending then. Since then, everything has been fine; you have not seen the need to change it so far. 

However, what you may have forgotten is that audiences are constantly evolving. They keep up with the trends, and it plays a significant role in their consumption habits. Unfortunately, they will form an impression of your company based on your website.  

It is time to step into 2021 with an updated website design. There are many new trends that will give your site the boost it needs. Such include 3D animations, augmented reality, play on typography, and so much more.  

You Are Not Nudging the Audiences to Take Any Action  

A call-to-action (CTA) is a subtle guide to your online visitors to take a particular action. It continues to be a very critical part of any website. Even if you have a CTA, is it Powerful enough to elicit that specific reaction you want. 

Have the following in mind when crafting your CTA.

  • – Start with a verb to quickly convey the action you want.  Use words like shop, subscribe, download and order. 
  •  – The words should excite or evoke a particular emotion. An example would be – Order now and get free shipping to any destination. 
  • – Incentivize by showing value – book a consultation now and get 20% off
  • – Create a sense of exclusivity or urgency – Call now, offer valid until the end of day

 Taking time to craft a compelling CTA will generate interest and the right action.  

You Need To Work on Your Images

Visual marketing is a potent marketing strategy. Images help capture attention and increase engagement rates. The human brain processes visual cues or images up to  60,000 times faster than text. The recall rate after three days is as high as 65%.

So, start with an audit of your site. Use the following to guide you.

  • How many images do you have and are they relevant?  
  • Do they have the right format, size, and description?  
  • Have you optimized them to ensure fast loading speeds? 
  • Are they high quality and appealing? 
  • Do they convey a particular message, or do you use them for the sake of it? 

Let’s take the example of your blog content. You may have a lot of data that you would like to share with your audiences. You can use pyramid templates to simplify complex data into easy-to-understand content. 

Tweaking the images can add more color or animations to make them more engaging. Your audiences will find it easy to consume such. Make it exciting and relevant, and they will share it.  

The Mobile Experience Is Not Good 

Designing your website for mobile is no longer an option. First, over 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile. Consumers lead busy lifestyles and want convenience whenever and wherever they can get it. While in transit, you see very many people on their mobile phones. They could be shopping, browsing or even reading.

The second reason is mobile optimization is vital for good rankings on search engines. Google will notice if your website is not mobile responsive. The result is low rankings, directly impacting your visibility.

Your website design should have a mobile-first focus. Designing for a small screen is difficult. However, optimizing for desktop or bigger screens will be a breeze if the designer gets it right.   

The Website Has No Value Adds

You have a great product page and spend a lot of time on hard-sell. For you, it is about conversion and nothing else. But, did you consider what more your audiences want? 

Remember, your website is not for you; it must provide value to the visitors.

One powerful marketing strategy is the use of content.  Blog articles, product reviews, white papers, and tutorials are some of them. Online visitors want information, and it helps if you are the go-to source.

Research your audiences well to understand what they need. Any content you develop should be towards providing a solution. Make it relevant to their pain points, so they keep coming back. 

The benefits of a content strategy are:

  • Provides a chance to build your reputation as an authority in the industry
  • It is excellent for SEO. The use of relevant keywords will help with rankings
  • It is cost-effective and allows for flexibility with what you can do
  • Increases traffic to your website resulting in the organic growth of audiences. The result is loyal customers who understand you offer value to them.

Final Thoughts

Think of your website like you would your wardrobe. You occasionally go in to take inventory. You may throw out what you no longer wear. It allows you to create space for new, trendier stuff.

The same should apply to what you do on your website. An audit will tell you what’s missing in 2021. You get a chance to throw out what is no longer working. You also take the necessary steps to incorporate what you need to give your site a boost. 

Think about the user experience on whichever device your customers use. Add value with relevant content and have a powerful CTA