10 Best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers in 2021

Pictures tell a story more than words can. However, the increased scrutiny on content theft and copyright claims has become challenging to find pictures for personal use. Still, there are a number of stock photo sites that allow one to download and use royalty-free images. The net is full of such sites, but we as humans always crave quality over quantity. Hence, we have prepared a list of the best stock photo websites for you to analyze and use.

So, let’s get right to it.

1.     Unsplash

Providing free to use, high-quality images, Unsplash is one of the top-ranked websites on our list. Professional photographers donate free photos for the community to use. The site has not many pictures, but the ones it has are the best.

The users can use a search tool to search for specific images. The device is easy to use and access. If you are not able to find your desired images using the tool, users can search what they prefer using the category option.

Key Features:

· iOS app

· Modern, artsy style

· Quick expansion of the business ideas

· Easy to use the search tool

·High-quality free images

2.      Pixabay

Are you looking for vector graphics, illustration, or videos for free? Pixabay is the site for you. The site has an outstanding selection of photos, especially landscape ones. There is an editor’s choice section that can help the new users to get some inspiration.

You can customize your image resolutions according to the project you are working on. Users can enable SafeSearchOption to browse safely on the site as well.

Key Features:

· Vast variety of images

· Illustrations

· Vector graphics

· Safe search option

· Community feature as well as a blog

3.     Pikwizard

Having multiple categories and free images, Pikwizard is another site that ranks high on our list. The photos present on the site are more natural than those provided on other sites.

Pikwizard also provides an online photo editor to make any changes you want to the photos you choose. Most of the features on the site are free, but there are two types of licenses as well, which are free (the copyright retained) and CCO (the copyright waived off).

Key Features:

· Natural poses

· Photo editor provided online

· Two types of licensing

· Free tools to add text to images

4.    Stockphotos.com

If you are a small or medium scale business owner, then this is the site for you. The site has more than five million royalty-free images that are priced at flexible rates to suit your budget.

The website has a massive collection of professional images available for everyone to use. The photos are not free, but they are worth all the money invested in them.

Key Features:

· Personalized plans

· Professional images

· Royalty-free images

5.      Gratisography

Gratisography is a personalized website where photographer Ryan McGuire provides professional yet quirky photographs from his own collection. The website receives new content every week.

Users can use the images from this site without giving any credit to the photographer. All the photos are of top quality and are free to use.

Key Features:

· Personalized

· Free

· Unique content

· Weekly content update

· Free to use, royalty-free images

6.      Pexels

Pexels houses trendy and edgy photos, that too for free. All the images on the site are royalty-free. There are a vast number of pictures in the collection, and all of them are free to download and use.

Key Features:

· Beautiful images

· Dedicated, free video versions

· Personal app

· Photoshop plugin

7.      Life of Pix

The website has images that are donated directly by photographers from their collection. All these images are free to be used by the general public without any copyright claims attached if the original owner donates them.

The aesthetic of the site is very strong. The website has an excellent curation level. Life of Pix also has a sister site that has incredible videos on it.

Key Features:

· Free

· Professionally clicked images

· Great curation levels

· Strong aesthetic

8.      SplitShire

Daniel Nanesou is the one behind the great content on SplitShire. The site’s images are from different niches like personal archives, spanning, and various current themes. All the photos are of top quality and are free to use.

Key Features:

· Personalized content

· Various niches

· Top quality images

· Free to use

9.      Burst

Burst provides free images for commercial and e-shops specifically. There is a massive collection of high-resolution photos available on the site.

All the site images are either sourced from photographers hired to do the job are user submissions. Users can use two licenses: CC0 (free from commercial use) or Custom license (similar to CC0 but with an addition of a sensitive use clause).

Key Features:

· Available for commercial use

· Trendy images

· Direct submissions from professionals

· The website is powered by Shopify

10.  Libreshot

Libreshot is the site for you if you are into fine arts-related images. The photos are a personal contribution of SEO consultant and photographer Martin Vorel.

The images on the site are of high quality and are free to use for anyone and everyone.

Key Features:

· Fine art photography

· Free to use images

· Images are perfect for printing

So, these were the best 10 of the best Stock Photo Sites for Marketers in 2021. You can use them for any marketing material you create including websites, social media, and banner ads.  Consult this post anytime you need a photo for anything, and you will know just where to look at.