4 Simple SEO Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Around 92% of search engine users don’t click past the first page in Google when searching for content. Because of this, it’s more important than ever that you focus on SEO techniques that help you rank highly.

Read on for some search engine optimization (SEO) basics that can help you to get an edge over your competitors!

1. Do Appropriate Keyword Research

Finding keywords that have a high search volume and low competition/keyword difficulty is the SEO 101.

If you’re wondering how to pick the right keywords for SEO, head over to any keyword research tool and enter the search query that you think people may be making. You’ll then get information on the KW including its volume and keyword difficulty (KD), which denotes how hard it will be to rank for the query.

You’ll want a keyword that has a search volume of or 100- the higher the number, the better. You also will want to make sure that the KD is lower than 80. If it’s any higher than that, you’re going to struggle to rank at all.

2. Target Local Users

Since your business likely operates within a specific area, you’ll want to target consumers that have access to your services. This means optimizing for local keywords like ‘Chinese restaurant Chicago’ as well as those that specify services ‘near me.’

The latter is important because mobile users often type queries such as ‘Chinese restaurant near me.’ If you’re a Chinese restaurant operator in the area that their mobile device’s location also shows them in, you want to rank at the top of their results. People will usually go to one of the highest-ranking venues after making these searches.

3. Focus on Content

No matter how good your keyword research is, you’re not going to capture the interest of visitors unless your content is engaging. If people don’t find your content interesting within 15 seconds, they’re going to bounce from your page and head right into the loving arms of your competitors. This will make Google spiders skeptical of your credibility, which will push you down in rankings.

Make sure that you use short paragraphs that people can read quickly. Keep things below a Grade 8 in the Hemingway app. Most importantly, make sure that content is relevant to the users in the demographic that you’re targeting.

4. Mix On-Page and Off-Page Strategies

Up until this point, we’ve only discussed on-page SEO strategies. However, you’ll also need to invest in off-page ones. These include:

  • Maintaining interesting social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Using social media platforms to direct inbound traffic to your official website
  • Gathering leads by using Google Ads to track traffic demographics on PPC ads 
  • Sending direct emails to clients that feature links to your most recent SEO blog posts
  • Post reviews of your services on social media and other platforms so that people become interested in you

Convert SEO Techniques to Online Traffic

While there are many different SEO techniques that can boost your visibility, these are some of the best places to start. For more ideas, check out the ‘ad tech topics’ tab on our home page. You’ll find articles about how to get more clicks for your website that convert to sales, so start browsing ASAP!