How You Can Use Digital Signage for Your Business

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People always like to see exciting photos, videos, or any multimedia. No wonder that big malls have an abundance of large screens where you can see the products they’re offering. Since our brain keeps photos in memory longer than any other information, they’re the best marketing tool.

In this article, we’ll explain how to use digital signage to upscale your business ideals and engage potential customers.

Build a Street Display

In streets with many pedestrians, street displays can capture their attention with a captivating video or a set of images.

Nowadays, it’s more cost-effective to set up a few screens and use digital signage to show products than print posters to be thrown away the next day. Plus, you can change your content as often as needed to have all new products on display.

Street displays work best when they stand close to bus stations, big squares, or around shopping malls where people pass by all the time.

Show Your Products in the Store

When a customer gets in your store, that doesn’t mean that they’ll immediately buy something. If you want their undivided attention, make sure you have a big screen where you’ll showcase your best or most popular products. When they feel entertained, customers will gladly spend more time in your space.

Suppose you want to place a whole digital campaign packed with photos or videos of your product. In that case, digital signage platforms can help you tackle everything from content management to hardware solutions. Using Yodeck digital signage allows you to regularly update digital content and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Display Social Media Threads

Curating social media content is often the most effective way to grab people’s attention. Using digital signage for displaying content from social media contests can do wonders for your brand.

In fact, once your customers start posting photos of them wearing or using your product, you’ll generate more content online, gain more visibility and get one step closer to becoming a recognized brand.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure someone monitors the content to ensure its quality but have in mind that this type of investment always pays off. You can use digital signage to host events worldwide and have them streamed in your stores to get more people to get in, create an atmosphere and use your products.

Share Compelling Stories

Millennial shoppers prefer brands aligned with their way of life and would rather give money to companies with healthy philanthropic habits. 

Digital signage can help your brand portray its workers, expose behind-the-scenes stories and illustrate the working culture they’re trying to create. Once customers see who’s behind the brand, they’re more likely to relate to it and make different purchasing decisions than before.

Team Up with Other Brands

Should you want to have a bigger space to showcase your brands and products, it might be useful to team up with other brands and get a digital display in a more prominent location. This way, you can get creative and make screen tunnels, boxes, and pop-up installations where customers will interact with your content in a new way.

What’s more, digital signage will enable you to display your content after work hours and organically attract people intrigued with your new set up. Since purchasing digital signage is a big step for any brand, keep in mind that it’s necessary should you want to grow.

Stop Using Print Communications

Nowadays, people are more likely to react when they see a modern and bright sign than when you put a piece of paper in their hands. By replacing all your print communications, you can reduce ongoing printing costs and become more eco-friendly since you won’t create any unnecessary waste.

Unlike any static ad, stores can change their content every day and always give their potential buyers something new. Today, there’s no need to print bulky catalogs since stores can update their offer with a few simple clicks.

Marketing teams can spend less time dwelling on the printed materials and focus all their energy on digital strategies.

The Expanse of Digital Signage

The growth of digital signage is directly connected to its ability to give consumers what they like and need. It’s a source of up-to-date information about products and a way for customers to get a more dynamic experience in every store.

Using big screens and digital signage technology, companies can now connect with their customers more interactively and offer them visual maps and tools to get the products they need.