8 Steps to SEO Optimize Your Image

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To optimize the online content to get a higher rank on the search engine, search engine optimization is the most popular way. There are different SEO techniques and all are important to rank your website. To get success in your online business, you cannot ignore the importance of image SEO. There are some important tips and effective methods that you can use for your image optimization.

Selling the appropriate format

Before adding the right images, it is important to get an idea of which format is right for your website.  You can choose between JPEG and PNG.

Most commonly use format is JPEG and you need to take the pictures with proper technique, method and cameras used by professional photographers for this lossless compressed format. This is easy to store also.

PNG is another popular one for the website and right for the line drawing, graphical, vector or iconic images.

If your pictures are not of the right format, you can use one of file converters that work online and for free. For example onlineconvertfree.com is effective and easy tool to change the images to your required format.

Image compressing

Compression is another major technique for image optimization. This is a process o reduce the size of the images so that your search engine takes less time for picture loading. As the result, you can get high ranking also. Page speed insights tool of Google is the best choice to check the speed of image loading.

Creating unique images

For a better looking, unique and most original website, you need to create unique images for your website rather than the stock images. It makes your webpage more real.

Keep in mind the copyright matter

Even if you are using the stock images, it is important to select the royalty-free ones, without copyright.  You may need to face expensive legal issue with copyrighted pictures.

Customization of the image file name

For image SEO, use only the most relevant and rich keywords for the description and title. Keywords are important for page rank.

Use SEO friendly ALT tags for the images

This is the alternative text of your images and embedded in your HTML code. It shows all the details of your image including purpose of it. You can have best benefits of SEO by adding the tags.

Meta tags, description and page title

For the page ranking, it is important to consider the significance of header tags, structured data, Meta tags and description. Use only the SEO friendly keywords for every part.

Mobile friendly image

Your pictures should be optimized for mobile and desktop both because most of the customers use phone we today. Use only responsive, properly sized, scalable images so that one can check them on phone and desktop both.