AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker Overview: (Innovation, Features & Functions)

Why Does Your Site Need a Media Kit?

You must have noticed that various sites have a link to the so-called media kit in the advertising section.

But not everyone knows who this document is designed for.

Meanwhile, a media kit is a powerful marketing tool that may help your site make money. Let us have a more in-depth look at this technology. This article will explain the benefits of adding a media kit to your site. Moreover, you will learn how to create a media kit on your own using the AdSpyglass Media Kit maker.

What Is Media Kit?

Media Kit is a presentation for advertisers. Actually, it is the first thing that ad buyers pay attention to if they want to cooperate with the resource. It is a kind of a detailed story about the traffic on your website. Its purpose is to describe opportunities for collaboration with partners and clients. You will find media kits on e-editions, portals, blogs, and other sites where you can order advertising.

In other words, a media kit is a package of your advertising offers. But do not associate it with a regular price list. It must show all the advertising opportunities of your resource – your site’s main statistics.

Benefits of Adding a Media Kit to Your Site

A properly designed media kit becomes a must-have for all resources that sell traffic.

  • Media kit presence proves you’re entirely ready to work with ad vendors and advertisers directly.
  • It contains details of ad volumes, audience profiles, geos, devices, etc., enabling buyers to make informed decisions.
  • A media kit confirms your resource is technically capable of starting selling direct traffic.
  • It is an efficient approach to saving time when providing potential customers with your traffic specifications. Instead of lengthy discussions and endless requests, they get immediate access to comprehensive information on one page.

This list of benefits is not full. But even these points prove that a media kit is an indicator of the maturity of your resource.

What Should Media Kit Contain?

It is easy to predict potential ad buyers; therefore, most media sites’ media kit is quite similar. Of course, a good media kit should not be just copied from other resources but it worth studying how media giants do it. Developing a media kit maker tool, AdSpyglass took into account the following structural elements:


A media kit is a kind of presentation. You should be recognized from the first page. Include your logo, website address, or a site name in it.


Don’t overload your media kit with information that advertisers are clearly not interested in. Your task is to provide them with the real parameters of your site. Show website traffic/popularity, type and volume of traffic, and essential traffic parameters that are important for direct ad buyers.


It is a crucial element. Advertisers want to know who will see their ads. Explain who uses your site, their geography, browsers, technology. A clear portrait of your target audience will make it easier for ad vendors to decide on cooperation.

Ad Formats

Here you have to show how the advertisement will look on your site. It can be banners, interstitials, in-page pushes, popunders, or video ads. You should showcase all the options because that is one of the main aspects of every advertiser.

How to create a media kit with AdSpyglass?

When developing the media kit maker, the AdSpyglass team focused on its simplicity and fullness. In other words, this software will enable you not only to create the media kit but also to manage and sell your traffic directly with advanced flexibility.

Let’s see how to implement this instrument.

The process of adding a media kit to your website

  1. 1. The cooperation with AdSpyglass starts from the registration on the site. Also, you may learn all the features of the software on the AdSpyglass Media Kit page. If it is what you are looking for, proceed to account creation.
  2. 2. The next step is a brief configuration procedure. Even if you’ve faced some complexities, you will easily cope with this task with a customer support widget.
  3. 3. Now you can pass on to developing your media kit using the settings on the site.
  4. 4. Once you complete it, you should customize the result with your website design by adding logos and other elements associated with your resource.
  5. 5. Your media kit is ready. All you need to do now is to add a link to it on your site. Alternatively, you can devote a section on your site to this information.
  6. 6. All is done. Be prepared to receive inbound advertising requests and handle those queries in no time.
  7. 7. In the meantime, the AdSpyglass account will work for you, helping you sell your traffic following advertisers’ targetings.

AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker Advantages:

You will hit two targets in one go by implementing AdSpyglass software. Let’s look at why:

Access to media kit technologies

AdSpyglass Media kit is a ready-to-use solution, and you do not need a technical background to use it. All templates are already optimized for all devices and developed following modern UX and UI practices.

Traffic Management System

AdSpyglass offers the comprehensive infrastructure needed for direct cooperation with advertisers. You will be able to monitor your traffic and receive stats about your site’s performance. You’ll also get the ability to distribute your traffic to match your clients’ needs. AdSpyglass will take care of reports, statistics, and billing staff.

Key Takeaways

AdSpyglass media kit technology will move your cooperation with ad vendors to a new level. You will not need to waste time inventing a new proposal every time. With a media kit, it becomes incredibly logical. The direct advertisers will quickly find out everything they need about your project without unnecessary correspondence and search for additional information. If you don’t have a media kit, it means that you are not ready to work with advertisers and agencies. Test the AdSpyglass media kit maker today. It can become the first step on the path to successful and profitable traffic management.