GogoPDF: A Writer’s Best Friend

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GogoPDF: A Writer’s Best Friend

Are you a writer for a website or magazine? Or do you write for extra income as a freelancer? Maybe you’re writing as an independent writer for your portfolio? Whatever kind of writer you are, it’s good to get into the modern technology wave and go along with the advancements of this millennial age.

Gone are the days of writing with a pen and paper (well, mostly) and typewriters. We now have computers, smartphones, tablets, and—let’s not forget, the internet! Everything has become paperless; from books to contracts, to many other documents. Paperless documents are also more convenient to send and receive.

So, as a writer, you need to know the best tool for you to make the most out of your paperless documents. Curious? Well, read on!

Say “hello!” to GogoPDF

The best tool for your paperless documents is GogoPDF. You may have noticed (especially in more recent years) that PDF is the usual format you’d receive your document in. And we’ll discuss more of that in a bit. But right now, let’s focus on GogoPDF. This online software as a service (or Saas) tool is great for converting Word to PDF online, Merge PDF, and even add watermarks to your document. There’s no need for any logins or registrations, and subscriptions to use their services.

Everything on GogoPDF can be used for free! Yes, you read it right, GogoPDF doesn’t charge you a single penny! Also, is that their website boasts a clean user interface. Finding what you need won’t give you a hard time because everything is laid out neatly. Lastly, your files are secured. When you upload a file to their website for conversion or modification, it gets autodeleted after an hour. Awesome, right?

Paperless? That’s mostly in PDF

So now that we’ve given you a brief intro on GogoPDF, let’s discuss why exactly is PDF file format the most commonly used file type? Well, as a writer, you’ll be creating documents in Word format. Whether it’s for office use or a client, you’ll be writing them in .docx format. The problem with Word files is they change their formatting or overall look depending on what device you’re using to access them. This goes the same for printing them.

It’s a hassle for your client or recipient of the document to receive the file that has jumbled letters or a different look. To save yourself from being seemingly unprofessional, and to save your recipient the hassle of receiving a weird-looking file, it’s best to convent the Word file to PDF. You can be sure that the way you saved the document will look the same way when you send, share, or print them.

Another good thing about PDF files is that you can access them on any device. If your client or company sends you guidelines for an article or new task in PDF format, you can easily open them on your computer, smartphone, or tablet without needing a special app.

It’s directly accessible! Furthermore, sending and receiving files in this format won’t be a hassle. This file type takes up lesser space compared to other document file types. So yes, PDFs are the way to go for the everyday writer.

Some awesome GogoPDF features

Now, let’s dive into some awesome features of GogoPDF to help you out in your written works.

Merge PDF

As a writer, you’ll be writing several pages, especially when it comes to long articles or short stories. It’s good to save by section or chapter for your ease. But when it’s time to submit your written work, it’s a good idea to merge all your PDF files into one big file.

This saves you the hassle of uploading each file individually. The same goes for the recipient, you don’t want them to be a hassle by downloading each file one by one. This feature is helpful!

Add Watermark

The add watermark feature of GogoPDF is a great way to protect your files from unauthorized sharing or distribution. This makes it harder for other people to reproduce or distribute your work without your permission. You can also track down who might be the culprit. Adding a watermark is essential for you to keep the copyright of your work.

Number Pages

In editing your work, it’s easier when the pages are numbered. The Number pages feature of GogoPDF is helpful for you to keep track of the things you need to modify. This also helps your client or recipient to read specific pages of the PDF file you’ve sent them.

Go ahead with GogoPDF!

So that’s GogoPDF for you. The all-in-one tool for your PDF needs. This nifty tool is essential for you as a writer, and you’ll surely get a lot of use from it as you go on with your work. Try it out for yourself!