Artistro success story: If you can’t find a suitable business solution, create it yourself

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Artistro success story: If you can't find a suitable business solution, create it yourself

Creating Your Own Solutions: The Story of Artistro

Today, Artistro is a brand that is known and loved by everyone, from preschoolers, students, and retirees to world-renowned professional artists who are headliners of gallery exhibitions.

What is Artistro

Artistro company has more than 1 million customers worldwide, more than 100 thousands subscribers on Instagram, 300 thousands subscribers on Facebook, and over 10 million views of content on Pinterest. And these indicators are growing rapidly every day.

But few people know the amazing origins story of this brand. Artistro is not only about a variety of art supplies: high quality markers and colorful creative kits, rock painting and craft tutorials, and other additional art materials. Artistro, first of all, is a family child, and its first and foremost priority is always the matter of attitude. Treating each customer as a family member is the main credo of the founders of the brand.

The Story

The story of Artistro began in 2015, when a married couple of entrepreneurs thought about creating a network of optimal art materials, available for all social categories with no exceptions. Being artists themselves, they, like no one else, deeply felt the need of creative natures for the necessary artistic materials for self-expression.

The answer came from where no one expected it: not finding a suitable solution, young entrepreneurs decided to create it themselves and coped with this mission brilliantly.

How are they different?

But the main difference between Artistro and other art-oriented companies is a powerful training base. Number of tutorials, video lessons, guides, step by step instruction, free e-books and much more. In addition, Artistro regularly holds drawing contests and other motivating activities among subscribers in order to inspire its growing audience not to hesitate to show their creativity.

Among other things, Artistro has a pronounced social policy. The brand makes regular donations to charitable causes, including Chelsea’s Charity initiative, and other social institutions that position themselves as artistic social structures.


Thus, the founders of the brand once again emphasize that there is a creative core in absolutely everyone. Anyone without exception can become an artist, the main thing is to believe in yourself. And to have high-quality art supplies on hand, but Artistro will take care of this, because this is exactly what the company was created for!