Pixfuture Ad Network Review (Ad Units, Features & More)

Pixfuture Ad Network Review

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars


Pixfuture is a programmatic ad platform that works with publishers to monetize their ad inventory. They employ header bidding technology and highly customizable ad units in order to maximize revenue for their publishers. They have over 20 employees in a variety of roles to support business growth.

When you work with them ad a publisher, you can expect that they will implement their header bidding wrapper and reporting platform and connect all the major demand partnerships they have to your ad units.

If you look at their ad network stats, you will see that they serve 4.1 billion ad impressions a month across 141 million unique users (verified by Quantcast). 65% of their traffic is from english speaking countries giving this monetization company a solid footprint globally. They also have 52% mobile traffic and 48% desktop traffic

Looking at the sellers.json file of Pixfuture, we can see that they work with 100’s of publishers across the web and a good mix of tier 1, 2 and long tail websites monetize their ad inventory with this company. They have been around since 2008 and we have not heard any payment complains which is a great signal for potential clients.


pixfuture publishers

Pixfuture Services for Publishers

Pamyent Options

They support both PayPal ($50 USD Minimum) and wire transfers ($500 USDminimum) which are made on the first business week of the month with NET60 terms.

Contextual Targeting

Content is looked at by their technology and information is passed to advertiers in order ot get the most highly relevant and paying advertisements on every ad impression

Worldwide Coverage

High fill rates for worldwide traffic with a main focus on US, UK, CA, AU users. If you take a look at their ads.txt file, you will see that they work with all of the major SSPs and ad networks that will be connected to your inventory.

Managed Deals

Private Marketplace (PMP) deals managed by Pixfuture to bring higher CPMs and unique demand into the auction.

Brand Safety

Every single ad impression is scanned and controlled by their system with the tighest restrictions to ensure safety for users.


In house built programmatic ad technology that allows publishers to sell their inventory in real time with

Aligned with Goals

They care about your success and will do all they can to align with the goals of the publisher on an infividual basis. They even have an optimization tips section on their blog where they help publishers implement strategirs to improve ad revenue.

Video Ads

Leverage their demand pool of video advertisers for display, mobile and tablet. They have video demand worldwide and work with top brands to serve video ads across their publishers. They even offer a system status section on their website where you can see if their are any outages in their platform for not only video but any services.

Connected TV (CTV) and OTT Ads

If you happen to be a CTV or OTT publisher, Pixfuture has you covered with their next generation CTV ad platform. They can instantly connect with multiple demand partners worldwide and integrate seamlessly with a variety of players, cross device.

Conclusion – Are they a solid choice?

Yes, overall we believe Pixfuture is a great ad network with a long history of success. We have only heard good things about this company and we really like that they have products on the cutting edge of ad tech such as video ads and Connected TV monetization. Give them a try and let us know how they perform!