Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Tips for Affiliate Marketing

One way that a lot of people all over the world are making a living online is through affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer will make a small commission each time that a purchase is made via that marketer’s link which can be found on their website, social media posts or through email. There are huge numbers of affiliate programs operating, offering everything from digital products such as web hosting, to hotel bookings and car rentals. 

If you have decided to dabble in the world of affiliate marketing, here are some tips from some of the best affiliate marketing courses to help get you started in your new adventure.

Finding a Good Niche

Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years, so finding a good niche without much competition for you to tap into can be quite difficult, but not impossible. You need to try and be clever by focusing on a particular subject and not being too broad. This will help immensely with people discovering your website where you will be advertising affiliate products on.

If you are using broad terms to try and attract website visitors you will be going up against a lot of other websites which normally will already be highly ranked in the search engines.

But, by focusing on a more unique item and key word, you should have a lot more success in building a bigger audience to your website.

It will also help if you choose a niche about something you are interested in. This will make it a lot easier for you to create content for and will hopefully keep you motivated to keep going as it’s a subject matter you enjoy.


Content is king when it comes to affiliate marketing, it will really help grow your target audience. It is very important that the content you create is of a high standard and is always relevant to the product or products you are trying to market.

For example, if you are trying to build an audience to sell shoes, you should not be posting content about sunglasses or recipes for your favourite pancakes. You have to stay on subject to get people engaged with your websites and also your social media pages.

Blogs are a great tool and to use to help with affiliate marketing, but again you must keep to the key subject. Reviewing the products you are advertising on a blog is an excellent tactic to use, as you are able to give an honest review to try and convince readers that it is the product for them.

Website Traffic

Like with all websites the key to success is getting a high volume of traffic coming your way. The more people looking at your pages the greater chances they will end becoming customers. There are various ways of getting more views on your website. Below are a few you should consider.


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, will help rank your website higher in the search engines for your keywords and niche. Although SEO work can take time in the long run putting the work in from early on will help you reap the rewards in the long run.

Paying for Traffic

Although this is a more expensive way of getting more traffic to your website, it is a quicker way of getting the results you desire. You can always use this alongside SEO to help try and speed up the process of getting better search results in the search engines.

There is a cost for running the adverts, so you need to make sure you budget this into your plans. You don’t want to be spending more running an ad campaign that you are earning through commissions.

It’s also extremely important that you only pay for traffic when your website is completely finished and is looking at its best. There is no point paying to get traffic coming your way only for the viewer to find an uncompleted or shabby looking website.


A free and relatively easy idea is to build yourself an email list. Doing this gives you a direct point of contact to your followers or website users, which you can then offer them your best deals.

Getting people to sign up to be on your email list can be tricky so it’s always a good idea to offer some kind of reward for doing so. For example, maybe a discount code, or by pointing out that only people who have signed up to your mailing list will get details about the best possible deals currently available. People love to think they are getting a bargain, so by offering them something in return for giving you their email address is sure to get good results.

There are a number of platforms that you can use for email marketing, such as MailChimp or Moosend. Most of these will have a free account that you can start off with which is usually limited to a certain number of email signups and access to limited features. It’s a good idea to start with a free account and see how the platform works before signing up on a subscription.

Converting Website Clicks Into Sales

This is your ideal end game. There is little point in building a fabulous looking website, taking time to get the best SEO or even paying for traffic if the people clicking your pages do not convert into a sale.

You need to make sure that your calls to action (CTA) are positioned in the best locations on your website, preferably above the fold, so that users don’t need to scroll to find them. If you are selling products, then make sure you have “Buy Now” buttons strategically placed on the page.

It’s good practice to have one at the top near the start of your content, one in the middle, and another one at the bottom. Lots of people like to skim read content, so you’ll want to make sure that your CTA are positioned around the page.