Rebooting your Business Mindset for the New Normal

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Rebooting your Business Mindset for the New Normal

Business after the Pandemic

Uncertainty, chaos, confusion and rethinking established structures, procedures, protocols & norms – this is just 1 of the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses globally. Yes, it been totally impartial in how it renders economies, people, nations and entire continents helpless. The pandemic has viciously struck without distinction of caste, creed, nation or location.

It has turned into a scenario where countries, economies, individuals and organizations are rushing to formulate a response in an ever-changing situation. This is a situation where every day brings forth a new set of challenges. We have all been so busy coping with the massive changes to our personal and professional lives that no one has voiced the single most obvious fact – Our world has changed irrevocably.

Whether within the 4 walls of our homes or outside it, our lives have been drastically impacted, turned inside-out and changed. Going forward, we will need to learn to deal with a fluid and changed scenario and be productive while working from home.

The underscored fact is simple: Living with the pandemic and all its restrictions and precautions is fast becoming the new normal and organizations will have to learn how to respond to newer problems & challenges.

This will give rise to 2 issues: Will organizations be able to handle it? Which skills & competencies are needed to succeed in the new normal? These and other points arise as the economy gradually opens up, organizations begin functioning from workplaces and the new normal sets in. In the current situation, dealing with the new normal means that we must be prepared to adapt to the various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and even the virus itself. Although new cases of the virus are still reported, the economy must be revived. Therefore, businesses must start operating again.

Think about the Safety and Health of the Employees

The Pandemic is not over yet, not by a long shot. Public Health experts predict that we will be dealing with this situation till the end of 2020, at the very least. Hence it is very important that all preventive measures must be woven into the daily routine at work-places. Every day, your employees’ risk – literally, their lives – to come to work and contribute to the organizational goals and objectives. Certain basic precautions will help – physical distancing, masks, hand sanitizers, soaps and antibacterial spray should be provided for everyone, so that personal hygiene is maintained.

Have your office premises cleaned regularly. Focus on the health of your employees. Those who may be unwell should be asked to rest at home or seek medical help. And anyone over the age of 50 should, should be allowed to exercise the WFH option – not only will this minimize the risk to them, but also to the others. If you can introduce flexi-time or staggered work schedules, then the number of employees in office at the same time can be reduced. The cautious approach for health is the way forward in these times. You can even use an LSA device to make sure your workplace is even safer from Covid.

Automation is the Way forward

Because of physical distancing in the office, face-to-face interactions, meetings, etc…will be reduced. Why not automate the business processes? It can substitute for one-to-one meetings, as we saw during the WFH days. There are plenty of softwares that help to automate your business processes and thereby streamline the operations.

Research on the best software available for your business and go in for it. This automation will help you adapt to the new normal easily and the work can also be monitored. Everyone required can be on the same platform without having to personally interact and this leads to a smoother, accountable work-flow. Think efficiency, think accountability – it will yield dividends in the future.

Scouting for New Avenues of Business

Where there is adversity, there is opportunity. The pandemic has hit not only you, but the whole economy – scout around for new avenues, new segments, and new markets for your business. See if you can find any new opportunities for your business to grow. Undoubtedly, some businesses are impacted badly by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some others are getting new opportunities due to high demand.

Consumer preferences too, have been impacted and changed irrevocably. Do explore if you can if there is any product or service or solution that you can offer to your customers that addresses a need in the wake of the pandemic. For instance, launched partner services platform to as a creative solution t connect businesses meaningfully.

Reaching out to Clients, Customers

Like you, clients too, are struggling to cope with restarting business and stay afloat – this is precisely the time to reach out, discuss, engage in discussion, renegotiate terms if required. This is the time to follow up on leads which were not responded to. Build stronger relationships during this lean time, and they will stand you in good stead in the future.

Everyone is so focused on their own problems that no one is taking the time to reach out, to connect – and this is what may help to set you apart. As an organization, think how you can strengthen your outreach – to tap clients, customers and others central to the well-being of your organization.

It may yield surprising results for your business. If not, at least you will have forged stronger relationships – it will pay off in the future, if not now. Think empathy, think reconnecting, and long-term. The COVID-19 has significantly affected businesses in different ways.

While some are negatively impacted, some can keep going because they kept operating and fulfilling customer requirements during the lockdown. Rebooting your business in the new normal cannot happen in a overnight, but given a optimistic mindset and sustained efforts, not only