5 Tips From Experts On Living as a Permanent Digital Nomad

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5 Tips From Experts On Living as a Permanent Digital Nomad

Are you trying to become a permanent digital nomad? Many people have had to adapt to working from home – also known as Remote Working – during the first part of this year. Whether they like it or not, specific circumstances around the world have forced us to stay close to home and, lucky for us, technology now allows us to get work done no matter where we are.

Being a remote worker can offer some excellent freedoms to us all, but can also be challenging and overwhelming to many people. It requires a fresh approach to your schedule, a new way of tracking success, and a new perspective on how our mental health coincides with our personal and professional life.

Digital nomads take remote working to an entirely new level. Digital nomads are remote workers who are constantly traveling and visiting new places, all while keeping up with their professional responsibilities.

This can be even tougher than just working from the comfort of your own home and is something many people end up failing at. Because of this, we got in touch with some expert digital nomads for some valuable advice.

Here are some advice on being successful as a digital nomad:

1. Stay Focused on Success

Obviously, it’s imperative to continue to succeed, even while traveling around the world.

No one knows this better than Donny Gamble, someone who has founded many companies, including Retirement Investments, all while traveling around the world as a digital nomad.

He has never lost focus on achieving things while traveling and still managed to find success.

“You have to pay extra attention to meeting your goals and prioritizing your work while on the road and in unfamiliar places. It’s not as simple as waking up and working at your own desk, like you might do when working from home, it takes a bit of extra effort.”

So what is the first thing you should do when you arrive in a new city as a permanent digital nomad?

“Find a fews options for places where you can work, like a co-working space or cafe, and set up a schedule that will allow you to get done what you need to. Once you’ve worked out your work plans, you can start enjoying the new place you’ve just arrived in.”

2. Set Some Goals

“Digital nomads should set up some sort of weekly or daily task tracker,” added Gamble, who is also the founder of PolicyReviews.com.

“This will help you stay focused on specific goals and keep your eye on the prize of succeeding.”

3. Make Sure You Eat Right

We all know what it can be like when you’re on vacation and traveling in a new place but are in need of finding a good meal. Most people will ditch any specific diet they are following and eat at a nearby restaurant chain or fast food joint.

If you’re on the road for a week or two, this probably isn’t an issue and won’t make a huge impact on our personal health. But if we’re traveling long-term, then this will not be good enough.

Jeff Parke, the Founder and Editor for Top Fitness Mag, stresses the importance of eating right if you plan on living like a digital nomad and why you should take it seriously.

“Finding your favorite health food while in a new location is not easy. Unhealthy food always appears first when you’re walking down the street – or in a shopping center – and it takes a lot of effort to walk by them in search of something healthier.”

Make sure you understand the importance of eating healthy as a digital nomad and make it a priority to track your calorie intake, as well as the amount of processed food you eat. You do not want to get sick on the road because of eating poorly and should do whatever you can to avoid it.”

4. Take Care of Your Body

It’s just as important to stay physically active while on the road, and can be another challenge to overcome, said Parke.

“Being a digital nomad means you’ll be cramming yourself in airplane seats, carrying heavy bags around, and sleeping poorly in uncomfortable beds (or couches). Countering this with physical activity is important if you want to look after your body in the long-term and needs to be addressed.”

Finding a local gym to workout in, or going for long walks (with the proper equipment) should also be included in any routine you make for yourself as a digital nomad.

5. It’s Okay to Relax, Even When on the Road

This tip was something both Gamble and Parke mentioned, and deserves to be said: it’s okay to relax!

Many digital nomads feel the need to go flat out, from working full-time to enjoying the new city they find themself in, but it doesn’t always need to be so busy. It’s fine to sit back, relax, and recharge your batteries on certain days and it doesn’t mean you’re not an effective digital nomad. If you fail to do this, you might burn yourself out and end up affecting your professional work, as well as how much you enjoy the experiences you are encountering.

Ready To Live It Up As A Digital Nomad?

Don’t let us scare you, working as a digital nomad is a great scenario that offers up a ton of positive benefits. The chance to travel to new locations while earning money and improving your professional life is something many people dream about.

Study how to jump the hurdles, commit yourself to succeeding, and you will find yourself on the correct path right off the bat! Let us know if you have any more tips for becoming a permanent digital nomad.