How coworking spaces can work for you

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coworking spaces

Coworking spaces. What is so great about them? Research has shown that employees who work within such a setting are said to do much better than those who work in ordinary offices. It’s curious, isn’t it?

Coworking spaces are workspaces that people can use based on their membership. As such, there is a wide variety of employees within the same vicinity – freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals. All of them work together within the same space, yet, they are more effective than regular workers. Why is this so? Allow us to elaborate.

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Employees feel like they are the ones in control

Unlike the conventional workspaces that are opened for a specific period of time, coworking spaces are mostly available to them 24/7. This gives people the opportunity to decide for themselves if they would like to pull an all-nighter for a deadline or pause their work at a certain timing to participate in more personal activities such as heading to the gym or attend to family matters. Additionally, they get to choose where they would like to work. If they enjoy being in a quiet space, they can move to another corner away from everyone else to concentrate on their work. Similarly, they can choose to sit at shared tables for easy group discussions. As such, these employees feel a greater sense of autonomy and not pressured to adhere to too many rules.

With so much freedom at work, there has to be a sense of discipline to ensure that no slacking business happens. However, the availability of having a community within the coworking space creates certain structures and instills a discipline that encourages them to work hard.

Buddy community spirit

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One of the main reasons why people pay to work within these spaces instead of working from home with no cost or renting a nondescript office is because of the community they gain. Each coworking space has its own atmosphere and vibe. Managers of these workspaces take it upon themselves to ensure that their members have a unique experience. Take for example, at WeWork, they strive to create a place where the individual becomes part of a greater collective. This creates a sense of belonging and pride within the people working in that space.

Even though community spirit is highly cultivated in these coworking spaces, people can still choose how they want to work. Be it to working alone as mentioned earlier or having a group discussion over coffee it is all up to them. In the event where a person is not one to interact much with the rest, they still enjoy being within the workspace as they know that there is a potential to interact with others when necessary.

Proud of their work

The people who choose to work in these coworking spaces are usually freelancers. This means that, unlike regular office workers, they can choose to do things that they are more interested in. This is what motivates them to do their best. Additionally, there is very little competition with anyone else around. Working with different people also strengthens their own identity when it comes to working. When talking to others, they can share more passionately about what projects they are doing.  What’s more, with a wide variety of people within the same area, there are bound to be people with the relevant skills to help you out.

How can my company make use of coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are not only available to freelancers. Traditional companies can also join these coworking spaces. In fact, it can be a part of your company’s strategy to help motivate your people and bring the company to greater heights.

One strategy would be to use coworking spaces as an alternative area for your employees to work in. Co-Merge is one such company that has taken on this strategy. As such, it has seen a lot of employees making good use of the alternative space. This allows for the effective distribution of workers and gets more work done efficiently. The reason behind this is that employees feel more inclined and satisfied with the idea of having a flexible workplace and time.

Being in a different space can be refreshing and therefore leading to many new ideas being generated. This is because being stuck within a specific area for a prolonged period of time could be suffocating for the employees. They would literally be facing a wall. Working outside of the usual space would provide them with more insight and remove the stress that they felt within their usual workspace.

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The second strategy would be to learn from how these coworkers work and behave. It is also important to make sure that your employees have a good environment to work in. This does not only mean being provided with good facilities. Instead, there should be some sense of autonomy within the employees. They should be allowed to decide if they would like to sit in a quiet corner to concentrate or gather together in groups for discussions.

Building connections and relationships with one another are also very essential in creating a healthy work environment. This is something that should be learned from coworking spaces. They organize frequent social events and training programs to allow them to mingle and make new connections. This allows your company to have a stronger sense of community and no one will feel too alone at work, especially with all the politics going on.

In order to ensure that your company does well, it is good to ensure that there is a balance between having a good work environment and good work experience. Just like the people who work in the coworking spaces, having a sense of control and making decisions for themselves is what really drives your employees to do better.

Give your employees the space they require, encourage them, and help to strengthen their work identity. This will create a stronger sense of belonging and therefore being more committed to your company. When they feel like they are in control and treated like a valued employee, they are more likely to do their best at work every day.