Setupad Review: A Powerful Monetization Platform for Publishers

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

What is Setupad?

Setupad is a monetization platform for publishers. With an advanced in-house developed header bidding solution and various optimization tools, Setupad aims to increase publishers’ ad revenue to the maximum. By taking care of the monetization, Setupad allows publishers to focus on their true calling– quality content creation. Currently, Setupad serves more than three billion ad impressions monthly.

Setupad has three main products:

Header Bidding Wrapper

The company offers a tag-based solution, which is easy to implement through the publisher’s ad server. The header bidding wrapper contains the top 15 SSPs (supply-side platforms), including Google, and will start buying the publisher’s ad inventory as soon as the tag is launched on the website. This is a full service where Setupad is providing recommendations, doing trafficking, and handing the payment to the publishers.

Header Bidding SaaS

If a publisher is looking to use them in a SAAS capacity, they offer a customized prebid.js software that connects with a publisher’s existing SSP accounts and is optimized with Google. This service includes all the technologies for ad detection and blocking, comprehensive reporting, and both server and browser side connections. However, the handling of the technology, trafficking and payment collection from SSPs is done by publishers themselves.

SSP Adapter

Many publishers have their own header bidding solutions and simply want to plug and play demand adapters. Connect with publisher’s prebid.js wrapper to increase bid density and ad revenue. Increasing the amount of bids on an auction will naturally drive up competition, increase ad quality and overall revenue.

Ad Formats

Setupad has a variety of ad formats for desktop and mobile like:

– Sticky and Anchor Ads 

– Responsive Ads

Video Ads

– Native ads 

– App monetization (Q2-Q3 2020).

setupad example desktop ads

This ad network will help to choose the right ad placements for each of their clients in order to avoid overcrowding the website with too many ads so they can still keep their existing audience and generate additional ad revenue.

sticky and anchor ads example


Daily reporting to monitor the overall performance and individual ad placements. Real-time reporting helps to monitor recent changes on the publisher’s website. When a publisher chooses a header bidding partner, it is extremely important to have robust reporting and it looks like the void is filled with their technology.

Viewable Bid Optimization

The technology comes with a solution to improve viewable bid optimization. The simple term for this is also known as ad refresh – the practice of reloading ads that are already displayed on a website without refreshing the page itself. Ad refresh can be very profitable for a publisher to increase revenue if done correctly according to industry standards.

Risk mitigation

Anti malvertising software as an extra security level working in real-time. Malvertising is a very important subject for publishers and needs to be taken seriously. It is great to see that they incorporate anti malvertising tools into their integration.

Professional Support

They offer you a team of professionals help publishers to choose the best performing ad sizes and formats. Each publisher has his own account manager who helps with the integration process and continuous support. It is really important to have a direct line of communication with a professional who will help you optimize and maximize revenue.

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Feedback from Setupad clients

“After switching from using only Google AdSense to Setupad header bidding solution, our ad revenue increased by 40%. Our website required a personalized solution, and their ad tech support provided this in one day. I would suggest Setupad solutions to anyone who is currently using only AdSense and wants to increase ad revenue with header bidding.” – Aigars Silkalns, founder

”After joining Setupad, I saw a significant increase in my ad revenues– up to 300%. And, although we are living in difficult times due to COVID-19, Setupad manages to outperform some well-known competitors.”– Alexandre Henriques, author of