Why and How to Backup Your Important Stuff

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why you should Backup Your Important Stuff

Why and How to Backup Your Important Stuff

Backup your important stuff. What does this phrase even mean? It means making a copy of the data which is available on your device. Most people are confused about this topic and do not understand the meaning of backing ups. Statistics say that almost thirty % of survey participants have never backed up their electronic devices. It is time for you to remind yourself the last time you have done it. One month ago? One year ago?

You should not think about backups as something extraordinary or reserved only for companies. Imagine about all the files you have created on your computer, photographed by your phone, and downloaded. They can all easily disappear because of computer viruses or crashes. If it happens suddenly, it may be stressful. Why would someone like to steal my data? Why at this moment my computer decided to stop cooperating? Lots of questions like these would appear in one’s mind.

There are a lot of possibilities to back up your data. And no, you will not need any professional help. None of them are complicated. The way of backup depends on the type of files you have on your computer, how often you use them and where you want to keep all of your copies.

Still not sure if you should backup your important stuff?

If you still do not feel convinced about the need for backing up, let’s imagine a situation like this. You work in a well-prospering company which specializes in formal document translations. All of the information is private, and it can not be shared to any third parties. One day, your computer crushes. No viruses, no digital theft. Just your computer’s processor decides to call it quit. You feel how your hands are getting colder and how your heartbeat speeds up. All your work, confidential information, and tons of documents disappear in one minute. What would you do? Would you try to remind yourself of all the possible files you have stored on your computer?

Of course, if you work in a company, there is a bigger possibility that you have to back up your data. But this type of situation can happen to anyone at any time. Losing all photos from the past few years, videos, conversations, contacts, presentations, text documents, and a lot more is not possible to predict. Why don’t you spend a few minutes, or a little bit more if you have not backed up in months, on transferring your data?

It will ensure that files are safe, and even if something terrible happens, you will still have access to all of your copies. You should not have a false sense of security that a situation like this does not apply to you. Because why could you be chosen as a target of online theft? You must have control over your documents, even if you have only personal files, like photos or videos.

Before you start, select all the essential files. You do not have to transfer low-quality documents. Focus on things that are critical for your work or have special meaning.

Consider how many backups you will need to do and give yourself a proper time to do it. Lastly, make a routine! If you learn to back up your documents, it will be more efficient next time. You will not feel stressed or pressured.

More creative storage

If you want to cope with backing up photos in a more unusual way, there are special tools for that. They allow you to make a photo gallery or videos in the form of your diary. Minitool Moviemaker enables you to create stories and unforgettable memories.

Manual Backups

One of the easiest ways to do a back up is to use the manual one. You will need an external hard drive or just a thumb-drive. You have to select the files you want to transfer and copy them to the designated folder. It allows you to have control over every document or photo you are copying.

The only drawback is that thumb-drives are easier to get lost. So it is crucial to consider if you will be able to look for it and not leave it in a visible place. Remember that there are still essential pieces of information in it. This is the fastest way of backing up any files.

Cloud storage

It gives you a possibility to store the data without thinking about losing it. It allows you to transfer all the photos to the servers with access whenever they need them by creating store data offline. You can automatically transfer all the files to the cloud. You can use iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

As you can see, the devil is not so black as he is painted. You can quickly learn how to do it using online tutorials. Do not forget about the importance of this process, because it makes working on the computer much safer.