Underdog Media 2020 Review

Underdog Media Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

Underdog Media is a programmatic ad monetization platform that focuses on providing highly viewable ad units for their publisher partners. The product UDM is known for is their EDGE unit which is a hybrid slider that can serve both video and standard display ads. Here is a detailed ad network review of Underdog Media and what you can expect working with them.

Underdog Media Ad Units Review:

The unit’s that Underdog Media provide are said to be 100% viewable, which makes them very appealing for their programmatic advertising partners. This leads to higher CPMs and fill rates when using an underdog media unit. They have unique technology in that they are able to make their ads not serve if they are covering another ad, so they respect all your advertising real estate.

Only one EDGE ad unit will populate at any time in order to promote the best possible user experience. UDM will run an internal auction that programmatically finds the highest CPM bid among all our demand partners/ direct advertiser relationships and IAB ad sizes

Review of Underdog Media Ad Unit Sizes:

Underdog Media provides a variety of ad unit sizes that fit perfectly on all devices and website layouts. You have the option to work with your account manager to enable and display specific sizes and formats. We recommend running multiple sizes to increase demand. They integrate header bidding demand adapters into the units and work with all the top SSPs. You can find a list of the demand partners they utilize by checking out their ads.txt file.

Outsteam Video: Mobile 272×178, Tablet 272×178, Desktop 272×178, 400×250, 640×390

underdog media video slider unit example

Slider/Adhesion Units: Desktop Footer 728×90, Medium Rectangle, 300×250, Sky Scraper 160×600. Super Sky Scraper 300×600 Tablet Footer (scaled to fit 15% of Display) Tablet Medium Rectange, Tablet Sky Scraper Tablet Super Sky Scraper Mobile Footer 320×50, 320×100 Mobile Footer (Scaled to fit at 15% of Display)

underdog media edge slider example

Sticky Units: Desktop Skyscraper right 160×600, Desktop Skyscraper left 160×600 Desktop Skyscraper right and left 160×600, Desktop Skyscraper right/left and footer 160×600 and 728×90

Underdog Media Reporting UI

UDM has a robust reporting UI where you can track daily revenue, eCPM, fill rate, device types and break out revenue by product, device so you know where your earning are coming from. Overall, their reporting UI is very intuitive and we recommend you fully explore all the features available.

Underdog Media Payment Terms/Reliability:

Underdog Media has been known in the Industry to always pay on time. They pay NET25 and always pay on schedule. According to a recent payment study by Oarex, Underdog Media never paid their publishers late and even paid 6 days early on average.

What we really like about their payment system is that every month they post a remittance in your payments UI and it shows if it’s been paid or not. This way there is no confusion on what earnings have been released to you. We have not seen this level of detail with any ad network. They really care to make sure their publishers feel confident around payments.

Underdog Media Publisher Testimonials

“Engagement and viewability are KPI’s that are a must for our clients. We can count on the team at Underdog Media to hit the mark when it comes to meeting our clients’ expectations.”
– Jason Kelley, Ootem – CEO/Founder

“Underdog has been an excellent partner for 30M. They understand our business and our users and they apply this knowledge to products and toolsets which directly benefit our bottom line.”
– Jared Owen CEO, 30MPart of the Potential.co Group

Underdog Media Contact Information

  • Phone: (805) 880-6910
  • Fax: (805) 880-6917
  • Advertiser Contact: advertiser@underdogmedia.com
  • Publisher Contact: publisher@underdogmedia.com
  • UDM Blog

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