7 Best Social Media Marketing Tips For your Business

7 Best Social Media Marketing Tips For your Business

In 2018, nearly 2.65 billion used social media across the world. This number is set to increase to a whopping 3.1 billion in 2021. The credit for this goes to accessibility as more people adopt the usage of smartphones, easy and convenient access to social media, and affordable mobile internet packages. With so many prospective customers using social media on a daily basis, you can’t afford to ignore social media marketing. In fact, it is a wonderful way for businesses to reach out to their target audience and increase sales and conversions.

Rather than wracking your brain to come up with ideas to market your
business on social media, here are seven
social media marketing tips
that you can utilize to propel your business to
the zenith of success.

1. Pinpoint Your Goals

Before you begin social media marketing, you require specific goals so
that you know what you are aiming for. After all, if you are interested in how to start an online clothing business but you keep reading
up on how to sell clothes even before starting the business will not help.

Be extremely specific about
your goals
so that you can measure
them for success
. Also, make sure that you set goals that you can accomplish even if you have to stretch yourself
a bit rather than setting an unachievable goal. Once you set the goals, have a
deadline to achieve them.

2. Be Consistent in

In social media marketing, you need to nurture your relationship with your audience. A blog here and a quiz there will not help you. Create your content with your target audience in mind. It could be blogs, white papers or webinars as these offer great results. You could even leverage Instagram to grow your business. Here are some social media marketing tips by MobileMonkey.

Your content should also transform you into an authority, so post relevant
articles and industry news. It will showcase your knowledge and also help you
educate your audience about your industry.

3. Get Influencers On

Influencers have a huge fan following and often what they say about a
product or service is considered gospel truth. Statistics reveal that nearly 50% of buyers turn to reviews by influencers before they
make an attempt to buy a product or service.

Influencers have already established their online credibility and that
is why their followers and others believe what they recommend. Reach out to
such influencers, who are part of your industry. Network with them and
demonstrate to them that collaborating
with you
will bring value to the influencer. Ensure you have honest communication with them before
they post anything about your product or service so that you do not get any nasty surprises later on.

4. Increase Your Audience

You shouldn’t be content with the number of followers you have today.
You should make an effort to keep growing your target audience. Ensure that
your existing customers are happy
and transform them into repeat customers
with new content, product updates, special offers, and industry news.

Focus on generating quality content that encourages readers to subscribe to your newsletters or follow you
on social media. Contests are a great
to increase followers as are paid ads that allow you to reach out to prospective buyers who you wouldn’t
come into contact with otherwise.

5. Engage Your Target

Social media allows you to open a channel of communication with your
target audience. Through communication, you can boost engagement. You can achieve this by ensuring you respond to
questions, compliments, comments, and issues.

You can even tag followers
who you feel would be interested in what you are posting. It personalizes the posts for them and
enhances the quality of your social
media marketing
efforts. Who can forget hashtags? You can’t ignore them as hashtags ensure that your posts get found
over all the noise that is prevalent in social media. Be mindful to link your
posts based on your social media marketing strategy. Linking leads followers by the hand through the sales funnel and
allows them to clearly see what you expect them to do after reading your posts.

6. Keep Sales Pitch to
the Minimum

Traditional marketing has always been intrusive, forcing prospective
customers to buy something. Those days of traditional
marketing are long gone
and a new dawn has come, where marketers are forced
to take into account the will of the people. Today, prospects do not want to be sold anything. They want markets to establish relationships and connections
with them.

Through your posts and constant engagement with your audience, you build trust; and people like to buy things from those they trust. One
study found that people are put off by businesses that keep promoting and
nearly 57.5% find
sales pitch annoying
. So, look for ways to get your followers to read your
content – something that leads them to your products and services without being
overly pushy and salesy.

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7. Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback

Many businesses assume that negative feedback creates a poor image of
the business. It can result in this if you ignore it. Use negative feedback as a way to demonstrate to your audience that you
are listening to them and willing to
take corrective measures. The moment
you find complaints and negative feedback, address them in a prompt manner.

Acknowledge the problem and offer the customer and concrete response that they can use.
Provide them your customer care number
or ask them to send you a direct message,
showing your willingness to resolve the issue. When you demonstrate this
keenness and readiness, it shows that you care about your customers and are willing to work to rectify the problem
or mistake. It is great for your online
and presents an image of
a caring brand

Social media marketing can take your marketing efforts to a higher level. It helps you improve your online visibility, ensure brand recognition and awareness, and allows you to market your products and services without being pushy. The key lies in knowing your audience and then tailoring your content to suit their needs and pique their interest. We hope these social media marketing tips help you succeed!