Tips for Creating a Beautiful Website

Tips for creating a beautiful Website

An elegant and user-friendly website has become a necessity for today’s businesses the world over. Different people have different opinions about the usage of web design. There are courses nowadays on how effectively a web design can be done to attract users and make it more user-friendly. The more attractive and highly efficient web designs will make the users stay longer on the web page, and the possibility of choosing or buying anything from the web page will be more.

There are a bunch of articles and websites to know how web design can be done effectively. The cheapest way to make a website is to use any ready-made website builder in the market. Whatever be your choice tool for creating a website, you must take care of the following points while designing your website to make it attractive and useful for the visitors:

Speed of the page

The speed of the website is an essential point to be considered while web designing. Since everything is evolving around one aspect of ‘speed’ nowadays, it is advisable to think that as a highly vital strategy.

If the user is struggling to move from one page to the other or if the user is facing to move from one click to the other, then most probably, the user will try to get away from the web page and will naturally opt for a faster website.

On the other hand, if the user is satisfied with the speed of the website, then the chances of his abruptly leaving the sites are very slim unless he is not getting enough information he is searching for. So, how to make the web design filled with information to attract the user? The following points will take you through that.

Fewer choices

When the choices on the website are less for the user, then the probability of selecting the product will be more, and this is what the research says. It is called Hick’s law, and the same strategy is used in supermarkets also. If there are many choices for a customer to buy a product, then the chances of not buying anything is more. Instead, if the options to buy a product is less than the probability for a customer to purchase the product is more. The same law applies to the web page. So, make the information less and crisp. Give few but attractive choices to the user

Simple and good

The web designs should be simple and with fewer confusions. The user should not have the feeling of more detailed, and it should not allow the user to move from page to page from click to click for single information. If the designs are simple, more likely, the user will visit the websites often.

Also, keep in mind that simple designs do not mean less information. The information should be in front of the user, but it should be simple to read and access. The proper analysis of the product should be done to make the web design simple and informative. It depends upon how good the designer is in the analyzation of the product.

Scrolling instead of clicking

One more simple thing got to know from research is that users like scrolling down the pages instead of clicking the links and moving from page to page. This seems to be a single aspect, but this also impacts the web design. So, designers should keep in mind that the websites should have more scrolling options than clicking options. Psychologically this works.

Visual cues

Make visual cues an essential part of the website. Instead of more words and more links, make the user understand by pictures on the site. It will be more popular, and difficult points can be conveyed easily through a single image.

One more point to be remembered about pictures is, do not place the image and the aspects to be explained side by side. Instead, make the picture pointing towards the text content, which must be told. This makes the user also to stare at the points automatically. It is one of the tactics used for reading the user’s mind.

Use people in the pictures instead of animals, birds, or any cartoons. This will make web design attractive.

List of orders

The information provided on the website should be listed in such a way that the user should feel the importance of the data in the way the person wants. If the information is jumbled, then the user will find it difficult to make his mind thinking in sequence. This makes the user shift to other pages or another website. To avoid losing the user, you may consider creating a website via a website builder with a smart AI assistant, that will help you to organize blocks and content; here is a nice example of one.