Tribal Ad Network Review

tribal ad network review

Tribal Ad Network is a programmatic ad network founded in 2015, located primarily in the USA and also Romania that works with Publishers and advertisers to implement and monetize primarily desktop and mobile advertisements (banners, CPA, PPC). They offer 300+ campaigns, 100% fill rate, 100% system monitoring and NET5 payments.

Tribal Ad Network works very closely with their publisher and advertiser partners to be a truly strategic partner. On their blog, Tribal writes many posts to help their partners succeed such as Writing A Blog: Advice That Will Increase Your Presence, Blog Posting Insights Gleaned From The Experts That You Can Put To Use, and Blogging Strategies That Can Help You Work Smarter.

Contact Information:

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  • Skype: Tribaladnetwork
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Tribal Ad Network for Publishers

If you are a web publishers and have never implemented programmatic banner advertisements, then you are missing out. Programmatic ads allow you to sell you inventory to thousands of buyers and brands at once, driving high CPC’s.

Desktop and Mobile Ads

Tribal Ad Network’s primary focus are desktop and mobile ads for publishers. If you have a website or mobile app you should consider testing their demand. They offer 728×90, 300×250, 300×50, 160×600 ad formats. These sizes in general tend to have the highest CPCs, so it’s great that Tribal focused on high performing IAB sizes.

Speedy Payments

Tribal Ad Network has a minimum payment threshold of $50 which is very low compared to most ad networks. They pay via PayPal or Direct deposit and can pay weekly if you are a high volume publisher. It is important for publishers to have strong cash flow so they can reinvest earnings back into their websites

Tribal Ad Network for Advertisers

There are many programmatic advertising platforms on the internet which makes it tough for an advertiser to decide where to spend their ad dollars. Tribal Ad Network built their platform with advertisers in mind with many important features to maximize ROI and optimize ad spend.

Auto Split Testing

Advertisers on the platform can easily split test their campaigns from the control panel, without having to use 3rd party software. Split testing is very important to build long lasting and profitable ad campaigns.

High Exposure

Advertisers have a wide veriety of sites to target with over 10,000 publisher reach on the Tribal Ad Network platform.

CPA Heatseeker

Auto-scaling technology is built into the platform to optimize the highest CPA coversion rate ads. Marketers are able to automatically increase spend as positive results are generated.

Quick Support

The team at Tribal Ad Network understand’s just how important speedy cosutomer service is in today’s advertising landscape and have very quick customer service via email and skype.

Low Budget

Campaigns can be started for the low deposit price of $30 via credit card. Bank transfers and PayPal are also accepted for deposits with $1000+ budget.

tribal ad network sign up

Tribal Ad Network Dashboard

The dashboard provided is very intuitive and provides everything you would need to be successful as an advertiser or publisher including advertiser and publisher tabs, payments, support, an academy to learn and easy to see account balance estimates.

tribal ad network dashboard