5 Things Tech Startups Should Consider to Outsource

5 Things Tech Startups Should Consider to Outsource

5 Things Tech Startups Should Consider To Outsource

Outsourcing is a great way to free up more time for more burning tasks. Coompanies should really consider to outsource certain tasks. It can provide tech startups with operational expense control, continuity, and risk management. In addition to that, startup owners can experience an improvement in the work/life balance.

Here are
five things that startups should consider outsourcing.

1. Taxes & Accounting

business owner should know that they don’t have to be the one doing their own
taxes. As much as you may know about taxes, you are not an expert who knows
every single small detail that may get you in trouble if you forget about it.
It is always better to hire a professional to do your taxes for you.

problem with doing your taxes by yourself is that it gets more complicated with
time. Your business will keep growing and developing and all of these little
nuances will become harder to keep track of. Moreover, it will become more
time-consuming, and you know that it takes many of your precious hours already.

When you hire a reputable person to keep all of your finances in order, they will also be the one giving you safe advice and helping you grow your business. A Certified Professional Accountant, or a CPA, can help you organize your finances and determine which parts of your startup bring the most and the least income.

2. Consider to Outsource Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming one of the most if not the most popular methods in marketing nowadays. It doesn’t cost much and reaches huge amounts of potential customers. Content marketing is designed to educate your audience without being too pushy which makes it a perfect choice for all tech startups that usually involve a lot of audience education (as most people may be unfamiliar with technology on your level).

marketing has a goal of generating leads, nourishing relationships you build
with your leads, and so much more. This allows you to improve your chances of
making a sale. Logically, all of this would take a considerable portion of your
time to plan, produce, and then distribute.

Why not
leave the job to someone else? It is easy to hire a dedicated team of
professionals who will be creating and distributing your content for you. You
will need several writers, an editor, and someone who would be in charge of it
all in case you don’t want to do it yourself. Alternatively, you can start out
small by hiring a freelance writer or a writing agency.

Here are some tools and services to help you with writing: Grammarly (an online tool to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation), Trust My Paper (an online writing service), Google Docs (online word processor perfect for teams), and Grab My Essay (another online writing service).

3. Web Development & Graphic Design

This is probably quite obvious. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, it’s better to leave this part for someone else to do for you. It will not only be much faster but will also allow you to get a design of the best quality possible.

things that you will need to hire a professional graphic designer for include
your brand’s logo, product design (if your tech startup involves some kind of
product), business card, and so on. Hiring someone who has talent, visual
skills, and aesthetic sensibilities will ensure that you get good results for
your order.

Moreover, your website must look professional, so don’t hesitate to find a good web developer. Some graphic designers offer web development services too, but if you can’t find one who can do both jobs, you could hire a web developer and a graphic designer to work in a team in order to fulfill your vision and enhance your brand. Try searching Fiverr for this as there can be many good graphic designers and web developers, but you can move to other places if you don’t find anyone there.

4. Conversion Optimization

Most of
the leads many businesses get are generated through online marketing. Content
marketing mentioned above is, of course, related to it. It works great for
converting leads. In fact, content marketing has proven to be quite effective
in this sense.

By the
way, the average conversion rate across industries is over 2 percent. Moreover,
the top 25 percent of websites have conversions of 5 percent and higher. These
numbers may seem very small, but they are actually the result of some of the
best performing websites.

your conversion rate can be a time-consuming process. It takes a lot of effort
and dedication before you see any visible results. So, why not let someone else
manage these things? There are many agencies that specialize in conversion
optimization and can manage, track, and test this continuous cycle of changes.
They offer affordable prices, though some may cost a little more.

5. Maybe Consider to Outsource Administrative Duties?

administrative tasks doesn’t mean you should let someone else lead your tech
startup instead of you. Administrative tasks that can be outsourced include
taking notes, answering emails, and so on. Outsourcing your administrative
tasks is not mandatory but it can save you unnecessary headaches by dealing with
mundane tasks that mostly involve customer relationships.

scheduling matters as employee work hours and meeting can also be outsourced.
This can be very useful when you don’t have an HR team or an HR department
whatsoever. Your outsourced assistants can help you dramatically reduce the
number of tasks that you and your employees would have to be spending time on
otherwise. These outsourced workers will keep your company organized, will
promptly communicate with clientele, investors, and potential business


All in all, these are definitely not all the things you can outsource if you are a tech startup owner, but these five will still make your life much easier. In order to be successful with your startup, you don’t necessarily have to do everything yourself, so don’t hesitate to outsource some tasks. After all, when you have someone doing these, you will be able to dedicate more of your effort to your startup.

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