How to Boost your Exposure using Popunders

Guest Post by: PopCash

Boost your exposure using popunders ads!

As we all now, marketing is the heart of any business these days, so we strongly advise you to use all advertising methods you have access to in order to make yours visible to everyone who has the potential to become a client! In this article we are going to stick to popunder ads and reach several points in why you should choose this format over others to increase your visibility on the market!

Finding a traffic source

Even if the offer is varied enough, this remains a tough topic due to all the details you need to pay attention to when you make the decision. Mostly, the source you choose needs to be compatible with the offer you are willing to promote.

We all heard about the banner blindness effect and how intrusive the popups can become. These are aspects which can determine a major negative impact for your performances. This is where the popunders shine by having something which other ads lack and that is a “sneaky” nature. By being displayed beneath the current browser session and not in front of it, the popunders have a longer lifetime, consequently, an increased chance of generating a lead.

A few aspects to dodge         

Shady ad networks

Throughout the time, the number of ad networks had a major increase. However, which one should you trust and what should you avoid?

First of all, try to stay away from the new networks which pretend to have lots of years of experience when they actually just launched their website. Unless we talk about a re-branded old network, it’s recommended to avoid them, even though their prices may be attractive.

You can quickly find out about their history with a short research. Most likely, if you stick with them, you will end up buying very, very low quality traffic, which won’t help you.

Re-re-re-brokered traffic:

Very, very cheap traffic may sound attractive, however, it may cause unpleasant scenarios as lack of quality. You should focus on traffic sources that keep a high standard of transparency by giving you access to their inventory by offering multiple targeting and optimization features. Keep in mind that the traffic coming directly from a network with direct publishers has a higher conversion rate than the one that is re-brokered (smaller ad networks are often re-brokering traffic from bigger ones).

Optimization tips

Invading the internet with your offers sounds tempting, but it also needs to be efficient, so you will need to take a little time and try to get the best out of the process. The most important aspects in the optimization process are the targeting features you are granted access to. The more, the better! The most common ones are country targeting, operating systems, browsers and categories.

Recently, more and more offers require time targeting as well, as some of them are more productive between specific day intervals, so having this feature is quite relevant.

Some networks may be kind enough to share some optimization tips which can help you having a good start by avoiding newbie mistakes.

Why to choose PopCash as booster?

Established in 2012, PopCash proved to be a reliable solution both for advertisers and publishers around the world, with an inventory over 100 million visitors daily.

With an expanding and ambitious team, the goal is to offer the best rates in this industry along with top quality services and a great customer support.

As considerable experience was accumulated by working exclusively with popunders, together we can benefit from the advantages of using these ads and yes, there is plenty of them.

PopCash offers a platform that is self-served and very intuitive. We like to be in permanent touch with you and land a hand of help anytime is needed. The support team encourages making tests, as there is no more reliable way to find out answers when in doubt.

PopCash offers a chance to every person interested in this industry, no matter their experience, the size of the company, or the potential of the offer – unless you try, you never know where the success may be hidden.