Top Free Resources for Ad Ops Professionals

If you work in Ad Ops, you know that you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your ad stack is flowing and well optimized. If you work on the publisher, supply, demand or vendor side of the business, the key to success of any ad ops professional is to constantly learn about all the various disciplines of the industry, build a network of like minded ad ops professionals and always look to approve. Here is a list of the top ad ops tools and resources for ad ops professionals:

AdOps Subreddit

adops subreddit - resource for ad ops professionals

The adops subreddit is a vibrant, friendly and active community with over 7,000 subscribers from all walks of ad tech. Every day, people ask questions about specific vendors, strategies, technical questions and seek career advice. The adops community feels closer then ever before and this subreddit is most definitely one of the best overall resources for anyone working in adtech and you should subscribe today!

AdOps Slack Channel

slack - resource for ad ops professionals

If you like, then you will love the adops slack channel. Is is one of the bes resources for ad ops professionals. Chat in real time with ad ops/ad tech professionals from a variety of companies, countries and experience levels. There are specific channels dedicated to hot topics like #headerbidding, #careerhelp, and #DFP.


adexchanger - resource for ad ops professionals

AdExchanger is the go to industry trade magazine with news and views from digital advertising veterans. This is a daily must read for anyone working in digital marketing and you can count on hearing your fellow co-workers talking about the latest article on AdExchanger.

Ad Tech Daily

ad tech daily- resource for ad ops professionals

Ad Tech Daily is a solid blog if your looking for the latest press releases, headlines mixed in with some articles from industry professionals.

adop.tool- resource for ad ops professionals is exactly what you think it is – simple but incredibly valuable tools and calculators for ad ops professionals. Some of their calculators include: CPM, CTR, Cost to client, eCPM, eCPC. They also have a UTM Link Builder, Tag Runner, Ad Checker, ERI Encode/Decode, Uder String Agent and an ad ops glossery.


IAB - resource for ad ops professionals

The Interactive Advertising Bureau are like the Men in Black of ad tech. With over 650 of the top leading digital media and technology companies as members, they are the gold standard of ad tech. Their thought leadership, initiatives such as ads.txt and overall positive impact they have had on the industry no question secures them a spot on this list.

Ad Ops Insider

adopsinsider - resource for ad ops professionals

Ad Ops Insider is an ad ops focused blog with deep articles that dive into basic and advanced ad tech topics. An example of one of my favorite articles is: Server Side Header Bidding Explained.

HeaderBid Expert

headerbid expert - resources for ad ops professionals

Headerbid expert is an essential chrome extension showing what header bidding partners a publisher is running directly on their page. You can consider this tool an ad network detector as it will show all the different ad networks running on a page. This is perfect to quickly troubleshoot a prebid.js integration to see if a header partner is working at a high level and how many milliseconds it takes for them to submit a bid.

Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar - resources for ad ops professionals

The Alexa toolbar allows you to instantly see a publishers estimated US and domestic traffic ranking. This is perfect for any pub sales executive looking to prospect and solicit new publishers.

Are we missing any of your favorite ad ops tools? Let us know and we will be sure to add it!