Maximizing Revenues with Mobile DSPs

Maximizing Revenues with Mobile DSPs

Guest Post by: Neelam Birthare, Team MobiVisits

Mobile DSPs are advancing the digital advertising ecosystem. Gone are the days when advertising was about sponsored, non-personal message dedicated to branding and promotion, modern marketing communication is more accountable, data driven and result-oriented.

With the advent of digital marketing and Smartphone, advertising is far more personalized and customized as per the need, interest and purchasing power of the customers. 48% of global consumers expect brands to know them and help them discover new products or services that fit their needs. In a dynamic digital ecosystem, it becomes more challenging for the advertisers to make the right choices-

  • How to invest in Media-buying?
  • What are the ways to earn audience engagement?
  • How to have Lifetime value customers?

For a novice, terms like DSP, SSP, trading desk, ad exchange work as a cobweb of puzzlement. Let’s keep it simple and focus on the digital partners who hold the potential to deliver higher ROI and focused campaigns for the advertisers.

Let’s focus on Demand-Side platforms.

What is a DSP?

A demand side platform is the most advanced technology software that enables advertisers, agencies and ad networks to buy display impressions. These user-interfaces provide multiple useful features making the process of media buying more efficient and economical.

Cool. So, is there any difference between a Mobile DSP & a Desktop DSP?

DSP provides ad-inventory, a DSP that avails audiences using laptop and PCs is a desktop DSP, the worth of a mobile demand side platform (DSP) lies in its transparency. Mobile DSPs allow you to buy mobile ad inventory, across a range of publishers, through a single platform.



Alright, but why should I choose a Mobile DSP?

According to a report by IAB, in 2016, global online ad spend reached to $72 billion, the mobile ads accounted 51% of the total digital ad spend. More and more people are switching to Smartphone. An average person touches his phone 2617 times a day, mobiles are replacing traditional computing devices is no more a breaking news.

Convinced! Question is how can I make maximum money with a Mobile DSP?

When it comes to online advertising, the first thing to do is to find the right media partner. Before investing with a mobile DSP, it is a smart move to evaluate its integration capability and technology infrastructure. An easy to use DSP is swift, efficient and provides helpful features for optimization.

An efficient mobile DSP offers:

  • Advanced targeting options- This includes components such as targeting based on location, age, demographics, interests, device, carrier etc.
  • Ability to foster creative advertising – A smart mobile DSP supports various ad formats such as JS Tags, XML feed, banners, interstitials, videos, native and different rich media ads. Interactive advertising results in higher user-engagement and hence high revenues.
  • Precise solutions for tracking performance: The best DSPs are perfectly integrated with third party mobile advertising analytics and tracking tools such as Tune, Appsflyer, Upsight. These help advertisers make better decisions when it comes to campaign planning and control.
  • Real time Statistics and Reports: Data driven decisions are more reliable. Instant reports upshot real time changes without wasting budget on testing and experimenting.
  • Features that Fuel Sales: Apart from the basic advantages of targeting, reporting, tracking and campaign planning, there are DSPs that serve additional attributes such as day parting, frequency capping, budget pacing etc. For example, MobiVisits is a self-serve platform which allows media buyers to blacklist and white list publishers. If your campaign is getting great results on a particular application, you can white list it and buy more traffic from the same source on the other hand if an advertiser is not happy with the conversion rates coming from a website, they can easily block it and stop buying ad-space from that website by blacklisting it.

Final Thoughts: What to Seek?

Mobile DSPs such as Dataxu, MobiVisits, Fiksu are about data, algorithms and indelible technology ensuring fraud protection and performance driven advertising. These DSPs are designed to collect, analyze and process huge amount of complex real-time data set. A clear idea about campaign objective can help the advertisers and media buyers to choose a complementing DSP that best-fit their needs. A fecund DSP turns data into ultimate value and a successful advertiser knows how to pick such a DSP using knowledge, experience and insights.