5 Most Innovative Logos of All Time

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5 Most Innovative Logos of All Time Cover

Companies around the world are in the business of making as much money as possible off their customers. To accomplish this goal, these companies need to really get their name and their brand into as many markets as possible. The best way to enact this goal in the long-term is to develop an innovative logo that a consumer can easily spot in the grocery store or on a billboard and recognize immediately. Most big-name companies have spent millions developing their logo, which is a trademark of their brand. Some stand a cut above the rest, though.


Coca Cola Logo
The Coca-Cola logo is incredibly simple: it is just the words written in a cursive font with the ‘Cs’ elongated on top and bottom. Every single person knows of the logo and can pick it from a line-up if they truly had to. Since its inception, the logo has entered into our culture instead of just remaining a marketing tactic. Today, you can purchase the carbonated drink in every store, but you can also spend your hard-earned money on bar stools, coolers, clothing, and plenty more goods.


nike logo

Nike is iconic amongst the sports players of the world and those who remain active where possible. The single check mark was designed by Carolyn Davis, who was paid just $35 when she was in design school. Nike has never looked back, though, as they use the logo for absolutely everything piece of clothing they release to the world. Following the success, Nike later compensated Davis in the form of a single diamond ring and stock in the company. That stock is worth quite a bit, as Nike is one of the most well-known companies in the entire world. They don’t just sell clothing and shoes. You can find their logo on water bottles and furniture, too. See: Nike Fuel Case Study


Apple Logo
Ask any person off the street what company logo comes to the forefront of their mind. The answer will usually be Apple, who has such an iconic logo that it is plastered across the world on stores, clothing, and electronics. Steve Jobs debuted the apple logo with their iconic bite-mark back in 1977. He wanted a logo that wasn’t “too cute,” but conveyed their company well enough. That goal was achieved. Today, Apple have their own line of clothing and numerous stores across the world. They are known for producing quality, albeit expensive, electronics, though.


Google Logo
It seems as if tech companies are some of the most well-known businesses in the world today. Google, the largest search engine and technological innovator in the world, regularly changes their logo on their web page, but the original remains unchanged and forever unmatched. It is so incredibly simple – each letter is colored differently to spell ‘Google’ – and yet anyone can pick it from a line-up and instantly know the company and what they do. The international logo can now be spotted on clothing, mouse pads, self-driving cars, and electronics.


mcdonalds logo

McDonald’s is an incredibly popular fast-food chain throughout the world – not just the United States. The iconic, innovative ‘M’ logo has been around for decades now and probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Their slogan and logo have made an impact on many young individuals, most of whom will begin their working career at the fast-food chain for a bit of income straight out of high school. Today, McDonald’s has expanded into almost every market in the entire world. There are very few countries without their own burger shop in town. It takes a bit of genius to craft an innovative logo, but once the results are out in the world, it becomes clear which will succeed.

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