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A Comprehensive Review of Sonobi Media Company

Sonobi Media Company is a US based Ad network provider, which started its operations in 2012. It provides CPC and CPM ad networks, and the publishers get their revenue when users click on their ads or when their ads are shown. Sonobi media use NET60 as their payment terms. Most importantly, this ad company has partnered with other third parties, for instance, ValueClick and adBrite. In this regard, the company has created a diverse ad inventory, thereby offering various standard ad units to the publishers.

Sonobi Premium Programmatic

Ad Network Service Delivery

Importantly, Sonobi Media Company offers comprehensive information on their reporting tools. Furthermore, this company provides a satisfactory control options for the publishers. It is important to note that the company controls the revenue, accountability and statistical reporting at an impressive accuracy. Most importantly, this company offers a mobile app to its publishers, which helps them monitor their earnings with convenience. More so, publishers can run data on android and iPhone mobile phones.

  • IAB Standard display and mobile sizes (728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 320×50)
  • High impact ad units (Rising Stars, Light Box)
  • Video (VAST/VPAID compliant)
  • SSL format

Sonobi has a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) feature that allows auction marketplace publishers to control their users. Publishers can block buyers who do not meet their buying criteria using this feature. In addition, publishers can block independent ads that do not suit their sites. Consequently, publishers can optimize their campaign strategies. In fact, the ad network company reveals that this feature provided better revenue as compared to direct selling and conventional ad networks.

Customer Care Review

Notably, Sonobi is an established company, and they have a comprehensive customer care support. They have a large department, dedicated to offer free consultation services to their partners. In this regard, publishers can understand the ad networks operation in relation to metrics and buying trends. In addition, publishers can access audience data from their reporting tools and control options.

Reactive Segmenting System

Sonobi is a supply-sided platform because it facilitates additional demand for their ad networks, which the sell through agencies and advertisers, in order to promote revenue. Sonobi recently launched a new system where publishers can circumvent the intermediaries who complicate the advertising market. This new system is called ‘Reactive Segmenting’. According to statistics, intermediaries can take more than fifty percent of the revenue when an advertiser makes a bid, and the publisher accepts the bid. Reactive Segmenting system will enable the advertisers to deal directly with the publishers.

Ultimately, Sonobi is a large inventory company, which utilizes advanced technology for reporting and control. According to the statistics, the company has transformed the ad network market and created revenue for publishers by eliminating the intermediaries. In addition, the company has received positive response because of its timely and prompt payment processes. The company is consistent with staying current with the ever-evolving online advertising world.

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