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Make the Most of Your Campaign with Social Reality

Every digital project has a set of objectives. After plotting out yours, how do you make sure every item on your target list will be completed? Let Social Reality be your ally so you’ll hit your advertising goals online.

Social Reality is Your All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution

Social Reality provides a complete list of online marketing tools and solutions geared by automation in real-time. Our proprietary systems connects the community together with digital spheres to offer brands, agencies and publishing companies up-to-the-minute and quantifiable opportunities to aim for, communicate with and monetize their audiences.

Six Core Platforms for Companies, Agencies, and Publishers

With any Marketing need, you’ll be sure Social Reality can cover for you. This is made possible with its six platforms:

The Social Reality Ad Exchange

This brings online publishers seeking to monetize their WebPages to interested partners and buyers. Proprietary Real-time Bidding (RTB) technology drives a programmatic marketplace and custom-built exchanging desks. Connecting to multiple auction sites and platforms, SRAX will make it easier even more highly effective to optimize display, video, mobile or even in-app advertising.


This Social Reality core feature is a library of social media marketing applications that allow brands to determine and incentivize their most valuable customers with influential contests and content. An incorporated dashboard monitors campaign performance and delivers insight into brand advocacy and customer loyalty. Comprehensive analytics, which includes demographic information, allows precise personalized retargeting that boosts campaign ROI.

Steel Media

This platform works together with brands and advertising consultants to kick off, handle and quantify all of their online promotional initiatives in a single destination. You will definitely capitalize on our ad network upon the execution of your strategies. By means of technology that dramatically optimizes online display, mobile, email and video footage campaigns, Steel enables clientele to target visitors at a scale across all digital means.


The SRAX (MD) is a programmatic advertising exchange platform created specifically for the health field. It reaches out with leading healthcare content publishers, apps, associations, and sites, to offer agencies and brands the capacity to communicate with a proven audience of health companies. This involves a niche ad network, which we Social Reality can build up.

SRAX Digital Impact

This is an in-house social advertising services group. It performs with brands to cultivate customized integrated marketing strategies, which use social media marketing, PR, and influencer relations to build expansion and impression in the shifting digital as well as media landscape.

SRAX Delta

It executes and manages media purchases across all social applications. Its proprietary solutions facilitate brands as well as agencies to optimize their digital advertising efforts with insight from top quality information.

Social Reality is still on the rise, and there’s not a single negative review, which the firm can be associated with. It has even acquired one of its core platforms, Steel Media as the organization continues to expand its reach for many brands, agencies and publishers to implement their vision.

Should you want to effectively achieve your digital targets, consider their services today?

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