Zedo Ad Network Review

Zedo Ad Network Review

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Website https://www.zedo.com/
Category Advertisers /Publishers products and services
Monthly Stats 18+ Million Unique views per month
Payment Model CPM/CPC
Countries 100 Percent Fill Worldwide
Display 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, 300×600, Custom Ad Units,
Mobile Yes, Custom Ad Units
Video Yes
Targeting Algorithmic

Zedo Services

Zedo provides an ad management service with a framework for ad serving, reporting, and management, which also cater for third party adverts. Zedo website provides a variety of video guides that gives publishers a wealth of information on what to expect with the terms and conditions of the network.

All these can only be accessed through your publisher account. Technical support is available on a round-the-clock basis, and this is a veritable plus. Publishers are able to access tools for reporting, inventory management, ad serving and more, in order to review third party networks.

Ad Types

  • A range of Traditional ad formats
  • A variety of unusual ad types and rich media creatives
  • A wide range of banners, ads text and expandable ads, overlays, etc.
  • Intromercials, Photos, video ads and slider ads.
  • Intromercials are ads that appear when visitors enters a web page


  • Zedo ads convert on the terms of CPC / CPM commissions
  • Rates are dependent on ad types and the advertiser
  • Their payment details are scant
  • Zedo network have their focus on ad serving and little attention for stakeholder concerns


  • A wide variety of ad types to choose from
  • Attractive showcase of available options and comprehensive demos
  • Dedicated WebPages detailing a variety of exotic ads
  • Huge Inventory of ads
  • Rich international repertory featuring multiple offers
  • Rich coverage of Indian and US markets
  • Zedo claims intromercials convert 5-10 times better than banners and text
  • Offers one platform for management of remnant demand partners
  • Complex reports are facilitated for all ad templates
  • Rich targeting features for campaigns and optimal results

Many publishers will find a great ally in Zedo as long as they are able to manage their way around the website and complete the application process successfully. The product link on the top right corner of the homepage will be a good place to start from if you are considering this ad network as publisher or advertiser.

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