Digital Advertising Quiz

Digital Advertising Quiz

How much do you know about digital advertising?

Take This digital advertising quiz to test your knowledge on the ad ecosystem. Highlight the in between the brackets below the question to reveal the correct answer. How many did you get right? Increasing your digital advertising knowledge will make you a valuable candidate for a job in the industry.

What does CPM stand for?
[Cost per mille or cost per 1000 impressions]

What does DFP stand for and what is it used for?
[Doubleclick for Publishers, an ad server]

Who is the watchdog agency of digital advertising?
[The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)]

What does RTB Stand for?

What is the formula for CTR?? (Click through rate)
[Clicks divided by impressions]

What is it called when ad impressions dont match up between ad servers?
[Impression Discrepancy]

What does SSP stand for?

[Supply Side Platform]

What does DSP Stand for?

[Demand Side Platform]

Name the 3 types of ad fraud

[Click fraud, banner fraud, conversion fraud]

What are the two most commonly used ad tags?
[iFrame and Javascript]

What is the order of the following from smallest to largest? Line Item, Creative, Insertion Order, Campaign

[Creative, Campaign, Line Item, Insertion order]

What does ATF and BTF stand for?

[Above the fold and below the fold]

_______ inventory is ad inventory that is considered to be long tail and is not sold directly.


What are the six main sources of publisher traffic?

[Direct, Referrals, Search, Social, Mail, Display]

What does UI stand for?

[User Interface]

What is the ad size of a leaderboard?


A contract between a publisher and advertiser is called an _____________?

[Insertion Order]

What does CPA stand for?

[Cost per action or acquisition

Advertiser demand generally peaks during which quarter? (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4)


How many did you get wrong? Keep studying and let us know what questions we should add on.