Audience Based Digital Advertising Guide

Audience Based Digital Advertising

Audience Science is committed to create a better online experience overall for everyone while simultaneously fostering a safe online environment where users feel secure about their personal data.

Similar to television magazines and the radio, the content we see on the internet is funded primarily by advertising of many different forms. It is essential to make these ads relevant for users which makes the web thriving as a digital economy. Audience science works with both advertisers and publishers of all kinds.

What Audience Science has built over the years is an audience ecosystem that functions to reduce irrelevant, targeted and inefficient advertising providing the opportunity to interact with advertising that can be an informative and invaluable part of a browsing experience.

The Mission of Audience Science:

To Serve the most relevant ad content on the internet. We do this by serving you ads based on your interests, not your personally identifiable information.

How does audience science work?

When you visit a website that is part of the Audience Science ecosystem, a cookie (a small text file that is a random string of letters and numbers) is stored on your browser that identifies your computer and your browser. Based on the types of websites that you visit, Audience Science anonymously places you in an audience segment such as “new car buyers.”

When you visit a website that show ads from Audience Science, they will recognize your cookie from a particular audience segment and shows you a relevant ad based on your interest. Also, advertisers can leverage this data to target you from previous interactions with their ads. Very efficient advertising!

In their example of audience targeting, if you visit a running website and read an article about marathons and the latest advancements in running shoes, the cookie will track anonymously what kinds of shoes you are browsing for on the internet and you are placed in an audience segment which may be used to determine future ads shown.

Overall, Audience Science is one of the largest players in the ecosystem in cookie targeting, their technology is ever evolving as they partner with more big name advertisers and publishers.