The History of Advertising in 60 Seconds!

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Thank you Adobe for this essential digital advertising video that gives a nostalgic look through advertising history. Advertising has evolved from simple newspaper ads, to complex and highly targeted messages brands can customize for each and every consumer in all aspects of every day life.

 The History of Advertising Timeline

A list of key advertising events throughout history. Missing anything major?

1704 – First American Newspaper ad

1776 – First Recruitment Ad

1835 – First Billboards

1843 – First Ad Agency

1891 – Brand Identities Form

1908 – Sponsored Publicity Events

1920 – Soap Opera Tours

1941 – First Television Commercial costing $9.00! (What a bargain..)

1960’s – Focus groups are born

1980’s – Infomercials

1995 – Budweiser Frogs TV Spot

2002 – Britney Spears Pepsi Ad: $7.5 Million Dollars

By the year 2000 ads began to appear alongside search results, driven by consumer interests. Now, Advertising is just  part of our the conversation. For the first time in history consumers are able to choose the ads they see based on their own tastes and brands are working with publishers to create content. It’s a whole new world. Welcome to modern advertising.

The future of advertising will grow as the many disciplines of advertising technology converge and programmatic continues to grow and become the dominant force not only in display, but video, mobile and social advertising.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite advertisement of all time is!