Index Exchange (Casale Media) Review

Casale Media is now Index Exchange

Index Exchange Review

Casale Media, now re-branded as Index Exchange is a programmatic ad exchange for buyers and sellers of digital media.

Sellers on the Exchange

The Index exchange is connected to over 50,000 brand buyers in their advertiser partner network which makes it a great environment for premium publishers to sell their ad inventory. The buyers who have seats on the Index exchange are vetted and are required to have a direct and verified marketer relationship.

Major demand partners on the exchange include: Turn, Varick Media, Vivaki, Xaxis, Yahoo, Accuen, acuity,, Adgear, Adobe, amnet, appnexus, Cadreon, Chango, Connexity, Conversant, Criteo, Dataxu, Diglant, DoubleClick, Dstillery, Eworks, eyeReturn, Magna Global, Magnetic, MediaMath, MyBuyers, Netmining, OwnerIQ, Rocketfuel, Sitescout, Sociomantic, Struq and TheTradeDesk.

Features for Sellers:

Predictive Optimization: 

Through Index’s native machine learning methods, we can apply self-perfecting adjustments to price settings to maximize specific yield-based goals. Our brand neutral predictive models are customized for individual sellers and simulate trillions of data point combinations daily, across an optimized window of site and audience dimensions.

Data Services

From custom optimization models and exchange wide simulations to projection impact assessment and pricing advisory services, our data team will translate your exchange activity into visual information that can be understood and acted on.

At a glance: Analytics basics

Index provides a real-time feed of bid stream intelligence that you can access from anywhere to answer questions like: who is buying my inventory? How much are they buying and at what rate? How do my business rules impact auction outcomes and yield? How do different audience segments correspond to yield?

Buyers on the Exchange

The Index exchange is built upon quality and as a buyer you know you are getting the safest and most reliable curated ad inventory.

Features for Buyers

Curated and vetted inventory

The Index Exchange is selective by design. Using real people, we thoroughly screen, taxonomize and authenticate every eligible publisher before it can participate. Our marketplace is fair and fully transparent. Every impression put out for bid comes from a direct and verified, high quality source – guaranteed.

Bid Stream Analytics

Data-rich bid stream reporting is provided by our demand services specialists to help you benchmark your bidding activity on the exchange and understand how it relates to auction outcomes.

Rich media capable, cross-device support

Index is a fully rich media capable exchange with native support for expandable rich media and overlay formats, including full screen takeovers.

Top rated brands, private access and advanced deal support

Flexible DealID protocol makes it easy to fully customize guaranteed deals with top digital publishers – unlocking access to exclusive inventory, specialized terms and unique data products.